Monthly Archives: October 2014

HVAC Thermostats Recycling Safety in Maryland

As a HVAC (Heating and Cooling company in Maryland) we strive to provide the best service to our customers and help educate at the same time.  Which brings us to this weeks blog post on HVAC thermostats safety.  While most new thermostats do NOT contain Mercury – some older thermostats do.  Our local Maryland communities […]

Gas Furnace Installation in Maryland – AFUE ratings

Maryland Gas Furnace ratings can be a little confusing when you first hear the barrage of numbers, percentages and acronyms.  This week we take a quick look at some of these and hope to educate and inform you so you can be a more informed gas furnace owner. What does AFUE stand for? In short […]

Geothermal Federal and State Incentives

Both the Federal and the state of Maryland currently offer incentives in the form of tax credits and / or grants for Geothermal systems.  They even offer an online application form.  Here are a few helpful links so that you can check the latest info on the simple requirements, allowable credits and more Geothermal information. […]

Switching to Heating in Maryland this Fall

As Fall is here in Maryland and temperatures stay cool, we switch the furnace thermostat to “Heating” for the first time.  It is a good idea to consider doing this a little early to test that the system which has served you so well, for so long is still in the mood to serve you.  […]