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What’s the Best Heating System for your Maryland Home?

Choosing the best heating system for your home can means Years of Cozy Comfort and Saving Money on utility bills.  Every system has its advantages and disadvantages and not all are available in every location but we will cover heating systems for our area of central Maryland. There are several types of heating systems.  We’ll […]

House Humidifiers – Dry House Issues

As the Winter keeps furnaces running in Maryland houses can dry out, losing the comfort and cozy that should be experienced.  Our Heating System’s humidifiers can bring the comfort and cozy feeling back to your home and your dry nose.  Are you noticing that your home is warm but your nose feels dry? Your floors […]

Furnace Noises

When your Furnace starts to make “Noises” there can be a lot of questions.  We’ve created a short list of common sounds that we have accumulated from decades of combined experience in the HVAC field serving Central Maryland.  Our Technicians are highly skilled, trained and experienced and our diagnosis equipment is state of the art […]

WiFi Thermostats – HVAC in Maryland

There are several good choices for controlling your heating and cooling systems in Central Maryland, but WiFi might be the most convenient. At first your thermostat schedule may seem sufficient. However, when you actually take a look at our ever changing lives you’ll see how comfortable a Wifi thermostat can make your home. Being able […]

Furnace Rebates Savings Deals in Maryland

Maryland is seeing cold nights and most everyone’s Furnace / Heating system is running to keep homes, business and commercial buildings warm and comfortable.  If your system is not keeping you comfortable or the utility bills are too high due to an old system give us a call for real savings on a great deal.  […]

HVAC Company for Bowie

Our HVAC services covers all of Central Maryland and that includes Furnace and AC repair in Bowie Maryland.  Bowie has many homeowners and businesses which have existed for a long time. That means that there is a great opportunity to older home, businesses and commercial buildings to save and gain comfort with more dependability.  With […]

Furnace Tune Up & Safety in Maryland

A furnace tune up might not be high on you list of things to do in the Holiday season.  But it really should be.  We’re seeing savings all across Central Maryland. Like most things, when it’s working well, we take our heating system for granted.  However, all mechanical things will perform much better with a […]

Happy Thanksgiving, Grove Heating & Cooling

As a Family owned and operated Heating and Cooling company in Maryland we enjoy Thanksgiving and what it stands for…  Giving thanks is a constant, and goes along with our Family Values which have been an integral part of growing our company and building a reputation for higher Quality & Value.  Everyone deserves to receive […]

Alternative Heating Systems in Maryland

While many homes, businesses and Commercial buildings in Maryland have traditional heating systems their are alternatives.   Sure, we decades of experience with “tried and true” high efficiency Furnaces and Heat Pumps and we always will.  Here at Grove Heating and Cooling we are experienced with installing, maintaining and replacing the Alternatives as well.  Choices like […]

HVAC Maintenance – Heating & Cooling in Maryland

When it comes to your comfort, your Air Conditioning unit and Furnace are Big Players.  Maryland has a wide range of temperatures and humidity and we are ready to bring you comfort in all of them.  Annapolis MD Heating and Cooling needs can be a little cooler than downtown Baltimore and a cool breeze from […]