Earth Day in Maryland

Earth Day and Recycling Partnerships

Earth Day in Maryland applies to Grove Heating and Air Conditioning and we are certainly glad it does.  We are a green / eco-friendly company with our affiliations with “Energy Star Partner” and the Building Performance Institute but we go much farther than that.  We know that being a good neighbor and a contributing member of the community across the state of Maryland with our involvement in business groups in Annapolis, Bowie, Baltimore and even into Prince Georges county is important.  Earth Day Maryland

Our own fleet of vehicles are kept up to date with regular maintenance and emissions in mind so that not only we save money with an efficient fleet but at the same time we are good neighbors and stewards of our natural resources.  Creating clean burning choices and using vehicle that are efficient is important to us as well as providing great service.

Heating and Air Conditioning – Good Neighbors

We meet and exceed the rules and regulations set before us in the Heating and Air Conditioning environment.  We deal with gases and liquids that have to be handled properly and we take the responsibility very seriously and carefully because not only do we work here – but we live here in Maryland as well.  With employees all across Anne Arundel county we know that what we do directly effects us and our families as well as the families and businesses we service.

Earth Day HVAC recycling in Maryland

It’s not only the way we work and the materials we deal with, but the equipment that we remove and replace we also take great care to be sure they do not end up in the landfill.  Furnaces are great for recycling as they contain several mixed metals so recycling is not always easy but we take the extra time and effort to get them to the recycling center.  Air conditioner and air handlers contain electric motors, copper wiring, condensers contain a mix of copper, aluminum and often steel.  The housing of HVAC systems are built to last and usually older models are a gauge steel.  Even this material is recyclable.

Geothermal and updated systems saves Money and Energy

Another way we at Grove HVAC recycle and saves energy is our Geothermal options for Heating and Cooling of your house.  Through the process of geothermal we enable businesses and houses all across Maryland to reduce their energy usage and lower their energy and utility bills.  This not only saves Money but is also saves on energy so that the natural resources are saved every day.  The Summer heat is tamed and cooled into a great cool temperature for even large residences, businesses and schools.  Talking about earth day – Geothermal is the ultimate in using the Earth wisely and we at Grove HVAC are glad to offer it as a Heating and Cooling choice.

Updating heating and cooling systems along with smart choices like mini-splits for special areas and installing efficient smart electronic thermostats are some steps that will not only save money but it’s the right choice for saving natural resources and our planet’s energy.

Earth Day from Annapolis to Baltimore to Washington

While our HVAC service area reaches all across the middle of Maryland we know that our actions locally will be felt globally.  The Chesapeake Bay is right here in our backyard and the agricultural fields that feed us locally, along with the water table and aquifer are all of our responsibility to manage while we work and live here and leave behind for our children and our children’s children.