Gas Furnace Installation in Maryland – AFUE ratings

Maryland Gas Furnace ratings can be a little confusing when you first hear the barrage of numbers, percentages and acronyms.  This week we take a quick look at some of these and hope to educate and inform you so you can be a more informed gas furnace owner.

What does AFUE stand for?Furnace rating in Maryland

In short the acronym AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is used as a standard in the Heating and Cooling industry to be able to rate different models so that a comparison can be made and consumers can quickly see the “grade” of furnace they are purchasing.  AFUE in simple terms is the amount of fuel which is converted to heat energy.

The energystar ratings for Gas Furnaces are set at 90% or greater for the state of Maryland.  Here at Grove HVAC we are experienced, equipped and trained for all your heating needs not just gas furnaces but also, oil, electric, geothermal, mini splits, heat pumps, boilers and more.  When considering when it is time to upgrade your furnace or whatever type of heating your home or business is using consider that older “low efficiency” models can be as low as 55%.   This is a considerable difference not only in grade of the heating system but the costs of your utility bills.  If you units are older you can help the environment and your savings.