Heating and Cooling in MD HVAC Allergies

Fall is officially here and our HVAC systems in Maryland are helping to reduce the effects of allergies.  While we often think of pollen and other allergens in the spring with flowers, plants and trees the Fall is also a time for aggravating allergies.  That’s where a quality indoor air purifier and proper humidity control in your Heating and Cooling systems right here in Maryland can make a large difference.Fall allergy remedies in Maryland

Humidity Controls for your Heating and Cooling in Maryland

Reputable sites have cited fall allergies and their causes like webmd allergens in the Fall and help to explain why we start to sneeze, have a dry scratchy throat, and watering eyes.  With fall temperatures in central Maryland your furnace is running very little if at all.  Our warm and dry September may have your home dry and in need of a little humidity.  Those temps in the mid to high 80′s had many people running their Air Conditioning for the last week or more.  With sporadic use of the AC some days and open windows other can bring many irritants into the home.  Newer HVAC systems have more precise humidity controls and work without much need for adjustment at all.  Humidity and allergies can be a tough balance.  Too much humidity can allow for mold, too little and the dry air itself can irritate lungs, noses and eyes.  If you are having thoughts it’s time to help your allergies and save money with a fall maintenance service, for your HVAC we can help.Maryland Allergy relief

Air Purifier in your Maryland HVAC

Your HVAC system can have an air purifier installed right into the system which can help tremendously.  Fall Allergies in Maryland are commonly effected by ragweed pollinating.  You may remember the term “Hay Fever” which has nothing to do with hay, but is actually more related to ragweed.  You may have even noticed this back in the middle of August when the ragweed started to produce pollen.  This continues through September and with the dry warm conditions you may be experiencing this more right now.  Cutting the grass and raking leaves can stir up the pollen and grass particles.  Couple that with a dry September and your Fall Allergies may have spiked.  Having a great HVAC system with an air purifier and humidity controls can help to reduce those frustrating days of sneezing, dry cough and red eyes.  HVAC in Maryland Near Me

Changing your HVAC Air Filter in Maryland

One simple step which can help with allergens this fall in Maryland is to change your air filter.  We may be able to help with this during your fall HVAC maintenance plan visit.  If you are looking for efficiency, reducing your monthly utility bills and increasing your dependable comfort it is a great time to contact us about your Furnace, Air Conditioning, Heat pump, Geothermal, Mini-split, Air purifier, humidity controls, thermostat upgrade in central Maryland.  Our maintenance plans can also help to save your money as they have extended the life and efficiency of AC and Furnaces all across central Maryland.  Here are just a few of the local towns which we provide HVAC solutions, service, installation and maintenance.  Annapolis, Laurel, Bowie, College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton, Pasadena and Davidsonville, Maryland.

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