Heating and Cooling tips for Maryland’s Freezing Temperatures

At Grove HVAC we focus on providing excellent service for your Heating and Cooling needs in Maryland. Our care for your comfort goes well beyond your furnace, with that thought in mind we have compiled a few helpful ideas to help get ready for winter as Thanksgiving approaches next week.  Nobody wants a broken pipe during Thanksgiving dinner, or even worse a flooded house when you come home from traveling away for Thanksgiving.

  • Outside spigots / faucets need the hoses removed and put away
  • Consider covering then with a simple and affordable foam cover

Heating company in MarylandThese covers can be found at most big box stores and are usually less than a dollar.  They fit over most handles and pull tight with only finger pressure.  No extra installation of alteration is needed.  They are reusable and simple to store the rest of the year.

  • When going away keep the home at least 68 degrees.
  • Opening the cabinet doors where pipes are exposed to allow heated air to the pipes.
  • Allowing the smallest drip helps to take the pressure off of the pipe and moving water is less apt to freeze
  • Wrapping exposed pipes with insulation or heat tape can help reduce the chances of a freeze

With an efficient heating system and regular maintenance from Grove HVAC we know that you will enjoy this winter in comfort.  We hope that these tips not only keep your pipes working correctly but also brings you peace of mind with our heating service of furnaces, mini-splits, geothermal, boilers, heat pumps and water heaters through the  freezing temperatures across our core service areas of Annapolis, Laurel, Bowie, College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton and Pasadena Maryland.