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With multiple people living under one roof it can be hard to meet everyone’s preferences, especially when it comes to temperature. When an addition or home improvement adds new space to a home it can put a strain on the existing Heating system.  It can also raise the utility bills as the system is doing more work than it is designed for.  Our HVAC technicians have the solution for you- mini-splits. When installing ductwork isn’t reasonable with the home structure a mini-split is often a great solution.  Not having to make major changes to the structure of the building to accommodate ducts can save a lot of time and money.  Mini-splits are quite efficient and cost effective for many spaces.

What is the best heating system for my home in Maryland

Mini-Split Heating System Solutions in Maryland

For a renovated older house full of people sometimes one HVAC system just doesn’t cut it. Regulating the temperature to keep a house full of people happy can seem impossible, especially in the transition seasons of fall and spring, when there’s not one consistent temperature. To solve this problem we suggest looking into mini-splits. These individual units can be placed in multiple rooms across the home, allowing each person to set the mini-split to whatever temperature they feel most comfortable with. When you work with us, we can send a HVAC technician to your home so that they can determine what the most effective number of mini-splits for your house would be, working with you to figure out which areas will benefit most from a unit. We provide heating and cooling systems all across central Maryland including but not limited to Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s and Queen Anne’s counties.

Furnace Repair Near MeOne great thing about these HVAC units is that if a room isn’t being used you can turn the system off many seasons of the year. For example, you may want the rest of your house cool during the day as you move about in Summer’s heat, but if you’re not in your room until bedtime, then there’s need to keep that cold as well. The mini-split gives you the option to only cool and heat where you want and when you want. Making it a more effective system. You no longer have to rely on one unit doing all the work. Call your local Maryland HVAC technician today so you can discuss if mini-splits are the right solution for your home.

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