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Although many take it for granted, our HVAC technicians in Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s and Queen Anne’s counties know that hot water is essential for any modern home. If you’re having trouble with your hot water heater it’s a problem that needs to be dealt with right away, especially with freezing temperatures here for the winter. While we do offer emergency service & repairs, we can also provide guidance to those on the fence about whether to service or considering purchasing a new water heater. A heater that is older than ten years may be running well enough to get the job done, but once it passes the decade mark we highly recommend calling one of our Anne Arundel HVAC technicians to look into having service and if needed a replacement one installed to prevent a major leak.

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New Water Heater for Saving Money

A new unit will not only give you the peace of mind that everything is running as it should be, switching out your old model can also save you money. A more efficient unit means you will see a decrease in the money you owe on your energy bills. Older low efficiency units can use more energy than newer more efficient systems.  Perhaps the most talked about issue is when a hot water unit fails completely and a leak occurs.  This can lead to a basement or floor flooding and causing significant water damage.  At the first sign of rust or leakage it is therefore important to have your water heater serviced.

Water Heater: Gas or Electric or On Demand

Most homes in Maryland will have their hot water heater repaired or replaced with the same type as their existing unit.  However in most cases there are options.   Common hot water heater choices are traditional gas or electric units.  Another choice is on demand aka “Tankless hot water.”  These work on the basic principle that cold water is sent to the unit and heated as needed.  On demand / tankless water heaters can then deliver “endless” how water.  These can also be gas or electric powered units.

hot water heater repair in Maryland

HVAC Heating and Cooling in Maryland

In addition to your hot water heater, we also recommend you talk to us about a setting up a maintenance plan for your HVAC units. As a Maryland Heating and Cooling company we know how brutal winters can get.  We also know the importance of decades of experience, bringing polite family values to every service and a warranty. By scheduling regular check-ups for your furnace with an HVAC technician you can guarantee that everything is running properly and that you and your family will be comfortable during the winters.

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