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Your hot water heater usually works great and most people rarely think about it.  As a water heater installation and service company in Maryland we tend to think about them more than most.  This time of year the temperatures are lower and water heaters work a little more as we tend to take longer and hotter showers.  Water heaters lifespan can vary greatly but keeping an eye on them after 10 years is a good idea.  Sediment often collects in the bottom of the tank and that can cause issues and premature wear.  We provide hot water heater service all across central Maryland including but not limited to the local towns like Annapolis,  the waterfront of Pasadena, Laurel, Bowie, the mix of old and new buildings in College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton and the diversity of homes and businesses in Davidsonsville.Hot Water Heaters in Maryland

Sometimes homeowners and businesses have to think about their water heater when the floor is covered in water and a leak in the unit has caused damage that might have been avoided.  You may also notice and avoid a leak when the heating element fails and the water is no longer “hot.”  You may also notice a noise coming from the water heater.  Along with the sounds, feel of lukewarm water, water leaking in the area you may also notice a rust color in your water coming from the faucet.  Rust may also show on the hot water heater itself. As tiny cracks occur they are effected by the expansion and contraction caused by heating and cooling.  At first this tiny crack may allow only a tiny bit of water to get out and start to rust the unit inside and out.

Maryland hot water heater install and replacement

You can also learn quite a bit about your hot water heater from the manufacturer.  Looking on your heater will show most of the info you need to get started.  From there you can go online and look up the manufacturer and model.  Many manufacturers have a tremendous amount of info available.  If you are looking for the age of your hot water heater it can be simple or a little cryptic.  On the “label” is can be posted simply or it may be in the serial number.  If you do not see a manufacture date take a look at the serial number and see if you notice a Letter starting the “number.”  That letter can correlate to the Month of manufacture.  For example “A” would be January, “B” February…. the next two digits are the year in which the hot water heater was manufactured.  Give us a call and we can help with all your Water heater services and installation in Maryland’s central areas.How old is my hot water heater

Hot Water heaters have an efficiency rating like most all appliances.  They will help you to understand what to expect when it comes to how it may effect your monthly utility bills.  Depending on your are and available utilities you may be able to select a gas or electric system.Hot water heater energy efficiency rating

Yet another option is hot water “on demand.”  No matter your choice of energy to heat your water, be careful when inspecting or attempting to service a hot water heater without proper training.  “Gas” or fossil fuel water heaters need to be vented properly so that dangerous gases are not poisoning the home.  Venting a hot water heater in Maryland

These also may have an “opening” which allows air to come into the combustion area.  This air intake area needs to be keep clear.  While many time homeowners or businesses get in a hurry and think, “Put it in the furnace room.”  To get whatever “it” is out of the way.  Putting anything up against the hot water air intake can cause strain on the system and in worse case block all air.Hot Water Heater in Maryland

Signs that your Hot Water Heater in Maryland may need replacement or service:

  1. Seeing Rust on the outside of the tank or in the hot water outlets.
  2. Banging or other Noises
  3. Any Leak “in, on or around” the hot water heater.
  4. Turning on the Hot Water only to find warm or cold water.

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With decades of experience you can count on Grove Heating and Cooling to do a great job today and be there for you in the future to support any questions or needs you have about your water heater in central Maryland.  Just like our heating and other HVAC services we bring our Family Values and excellent service record to your hot water needs.  Give us a call and see how we can be of service in reliable, comfort throughout your Maryland home, business or commercial property.

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