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As an HVAC company providing Heating and Cooling services for all of central Maryland we get a lot of questions when we enter Fall.  Many want to know about heating choices like a traditional furnace, heat pumps, geothermal, mini-splits and even boilers.  Others want to know about the performance of their Air Conditioning over the summer.  When homeowners and businesses think of the monthly utility bills from their AC and heating systems they wonder about options and if they have the right fit for their home or business.  We can help with all your heating system and AC needs in Maryland.

If your heating and cooling bills have been higher than you wanted – You have a choice for change.  There are advantages to every type of HVAC system.  We have decades of experience as a Heating and Cooling company in Maryland and that allows us to find great fits for every HVAC need.  Residences can vary widely with the location like townhomes, single family homes, condos and we have found solutions for all of them.  You can see more about our heating & Cooling in a just a few of the many towns we service on our town location pages: Annapolis,  the waterfront of Pasadena, Laurel, Bowie, the mix of old and new buildings in College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton and the diversity of homes and businesses in Davidsonsville.

Geothermal HVAC in Maryland

Geothermal Company in Maryland

Your home or business may benefit from Geothermal savings.  A geothermal HVAC system can bring even heat and cooling to keep you comfortable with dependable service.  Many like this option because it has such a small carbon footprint, helping the Maryland environment.  Geothermal works off the consistent temperatures of the earth to ease the amount of energy needed to keep the temperature you are looking to have in your home.

A quiet running system is another clear advantage of geothermal.  Forget the older furnace with popping, snapping and clicking, not to mention the loud blower which is associated with older HVAC systems in older homes.  If you are considering saving money on Monthly utility bills geothermal might be the right choice for your heating and cooling HVAC system in Maryland.  Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help

Mini-Split Heating and Cooling in Maryland

What is the best heating system for my home in Maryland

Mitsubishi Mini-split HVAC heating and cooling systems can be a wise choice for homes which struggle without a duct / ventilation system.  Many older homes in our central Maryland service area are made of brick or have low ceilings, enclosed spaces which would mean costly structural changes for a traditional HVAC system.  This is where a mini-split system really works well.  It works without ducts and relies on a refrigerant line to transfer energy from the outside part of the system to the inside part of the system.  The “split” locations shows why this is called a “split” system.  It works well for additions. remodelling and renovations when a specific zone of the residence needs heating and cooling.  Mini-splits can bring both heating and cooling, so your “AC and Furnace” system is combined into one neat, efficient system that means minimal change to your home in Maryland.

Traditional Heat Pumps and Furnaces in Maryland

Traditional heating and AC systems in Maryland might be the right choice for your home.  Comfort and dependable temperatures at an affordable price can be achieved when your HVAC is well designed from the beginning and has the efficiency rating for which you are looking.  If your system is running more often than the neighbors, your costs are higher, your system is working louder and harder than ever it might be time for a more efficient solution.  Occasionally builders will offer a small variety of HVAC systems and this can greatly effect the match to the size of the home and the ability for the wrong size or efficiency of the heating and cooling system in Maryland.  While the short term, initial cost of the system may be cheaper the monthly running costs are much higher and long terms costs can pile up for decades.  Getting the properly engineered HVAC system for the proper needs of a home or business starts with knowing the industry standards, measuring the space of the home, business or commercial building.  Our decades of experience has helped us to continually improve our processes to find the right fit for your traditional heat pump, furnace and air conditioning HVAC systems in Maryland.

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