Don’t Underestimate the Importance of HVAC Maintenance

repairYou rely on your Maryland heating and air conditioning system all year around to make your home a comfortable place. But you can’t expect a trouble-free service from your HVAC equipment if you’ve never taken care of it. It’s like your car – if you change oil as recommended by manufacturer, you are less likely to wake up one morning to a failed motor.

Maintenance is the key

Of course, you can repair your heating and air conditioning system when it breaks, but you would have to pay more for the urgent service, not to mention living without heat or AC for a few days. Proper HVAC maintenance comes with many benefits:

  • You lower the risk of your HVAC equipment failing when you most need it, such as during a cold winter night.
  • You save money on big-ticket repairs, such as expensive part replacements.
  • You prolong the life of your unit and delay the need for replacement.
  • You save money long-term on your energy bills, because a well-maintained appliance runs more efficiently.

What exactly does HVAC maintenance include?
HVAC maintenance includes a thorough inspection of your HVAC equipment, depending on the season. Since it’s summer right now, let’s talk about AC maintenance. Here are some of the things our Maryland heating and cooling technicians check for.

Inspection and cleaning of condenser and evaporator coils is performed as necessary. Coils don’t typically require frequent cleaning, but as dust and debris accumulate, they have to be removed to restore the unit’s efficiency.

Checking amperage draw of the compressor and blower motor is necessary to ensure all electrical connections are working as expected. A faulty connection may lead to unsafe operation and reduce life of certain components.

Oiling moving parts, such as fan motors helps reduce friction, which in its turn reduces the amount of energy needed to move a specific part.

Checking operation temperatures and pressure helps ensure they are in line with manufacturer recommendations. If your unit is overheating, it could be a sign of faulty wiring or other internal issues.

We also check coolant level, fix coolant leaks and refill it to recommended levels. It’s OK for a system to lose some refrigerant charge over the years, but if it requires refill every season, you have a major leak that has to be fixed before you can restore the charge. If your AC uses Freon coolant, you should know that this substance is controlled by EPA and is considered hazardous for the environment.

Checking and calibrating thermostat is important to ensure it communicates correct temperature settings to your AC. We can also upgrade you to a programmable thermostat, so that you could save even more money on energy bills.

Some of the easy maintenance you can do yourself to improve your AC performance

  • Make sure the outdoor unit is not blocked by debris, vegetation, winter covers or other things. The condenser draws air from the outside, but if it is surrounded by tall weeds, foliage or leftover wood from your deck construction, drawing air will require more power and more energy use.
  • Check and replace air handler filter regularly. The filter is meant to clean the returned air before cooling or heating it and releasing it back into your home through your supply air ducts. Check it on a monthly basis and write down the date of replacement to keep a better track of it.

Your Maryland heating and air condition system has been helping you make your home a comfortable place for years. But if you take the time and effort to perform seasonal maintenance, it can serve you for many more years to come. Actually, there is not much effort to it – just call Grove Heating & Cooling and we’ll set you up with a convenient maintenance plan. All you need to do is be home when our technician pays you a service visit – it’s that easy!