Backup Generator Installation in Maryland

Backup GeneratorsCurrently We are Not Offering Emergency Backup Generator Service

Most of our day-to-day activities involve using devices and appliances powered by electricity. When the power goes out, so do all of your household appliances: you are unable to cook, watch TV, charge your phones and even shower or flush the toilet. And depending on the cause and size of an outage, you can be left without power for days and even weeks.

Don’t let the weather bring you down

Don’t sit there in the darkness and wait till the power comes back on: take matters in your own hands by installing a backup power generator.  At Grove Heating and Cooling, Inc. we carry powerful and reliable Kohler Generators that restore power within seconds of an outage and come with a 5-year limited warranty. They are the quietest on the market and you have an option of powering up your entire house or only certain areas.

Give us a call and we’ll make sure no storm will disrupt your lifestyle again.

backup emergency generators in Maryland

Backup Generator Service and Repair in Maryland

A backup or emergency generator has a very important service and that is to work when it is needed!  When the grid energy goes out that’s when you need a reliable power source.  That is when generator service and repair comes into a real test.  At Grove heating and air we pride ourselves on years of experience, installers and service so that your power is on when needed.  Maryland has areas like Annapolis, Bowie, Crofton, Pasadena, Laurel, Glen Burnie, Davidsonville, College Park which have a mix of old and new electrical grid components and this makes for power outages that historically have lasted for not only hours but days and even weeks.  Our Backup and emergency generators service and repair is tested and proven as a reliable source to keep your comfort level high.

Backup Emergency Generator Testing in Maryland

Testing is an important part of keeping testing backup emergency generators in Marylandyour generator a reliable unit.  During our routine maintenance and service planned visits we will be testing the unit to see that the reliable services needed to start and function properly during a power outage are functioning.  With years of experience and the latest equipment Grove heating and cooling installers will keep your backup emergency generator in great working shape to bring you peace of mind and comfort during the next power outage in our core service areas of Annapolis, Bowie, Crofton, Pasadena, Laurel, Glen Burnie, Davidsonville, College Park, Maryland.

Emergency Backup Generators and Power Outages in Maryland

Power outages are the main reason that most people choose a backup generator and we have written a little blog entry on backup generators and power outages to cover our core service ares of Annapolis, Bowie, Crofton, Pasadena, Laurel, Glen Burnie, Davidsonville, College Park, Maryland

 Sizing Needs for Backup Emergency Generators in Maryland

Just as every house size is different, it’s energy power needs are different.  So you need an emergency backup generator that is the correct size to be able to provide the power needed to keep you comfortable and fill the electrical needs when there is loss of power.  With years of experience and with our partnership with Kohler we get the sizing right so that you have the energy and peace of mind needed to keep you and your family comfortable through a power outage in Maryland.

Costs and size of Backup emergency generators in MarylandCosts of Emergency Backup Generators in Maryland

Pricing of a generator in Maryland can vary greatly depending on the needs of the house. The electrical needs of one house in Annapolis with smaller square footage and simple heating and cooling needs will vary greatly from a large single family home in Bowie, Crofton or Odenton Maryland.  No matter the needs you have for your home or business we have the experience and partnerships with Kohler to get the generator you need at a good price and an excellent value with our courteous installers.  Our 5 year limited warranty and spotless service and testing record shows that the cost is well worth the peace of mind and value you will have with a Backup emergency generator.

While we service all surrounding counties our specialty areas of service include: Annapolis, Bowie, Crofton, Pasadena, Laurel, Glen Burnie, Davidsonville, College Park, Maryland. If we can be of service in answering your questions on Service, Costs, Installation, Installers, Sizing or Testing give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the right fit for you, your family or your business. (410) 721-5595 or (301) 464-5161