Daylight Savings Tips and HVAC Thermostats

It’s time to set the clocks back this weekend!  While most of our technical world has become so automated that even our phones, TVs, computers and cable can reset their time don’t forget about your Thermostat in Maryland.  Very old thermostats didn’t even have an internal clock while mid level HVAC Thermostats do have a clock — it does need it’s clock adjusted manually.  The “newest latest and greatest” have the ability to update their time automatically.  If you are used to waking up or coming home from work and have the temperature just right you might want to check as you get ready for daylight savings change.  Nobody likes to put their feet down on the COLD floor first thin in the morning.

HVAC Thermostat settings in Maryland


There are some other good suggestions to check on at this time of year:

  • Check / Change your furnace filter
  • Check smoke detectors batteries
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors – Test


To avoid the effects of the time change on your schedule several “experts” offer advice like getting a good night sleep on Sunday night so that first day back to work is not so hard.  Others offer to get a little more sunlight, producing Melatonin.  Lastly, others are pushing eating well and exercise to counteract the effects.

We’re hoping you adjust to the time change and stay comfortable this Fall and Winter with all your Heating and Cooling needs in Maryland.