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Maryland’s Trusted AC Inspections & Tune-Ups

Do you want to get the most value out of your home air conditioning unit? Do you want to keep it running and putting out cool air for as long as possible? Then you’ll need to keep it in good condition.

When the weather starts warming up, it’s time for an air conditioning tune-up. As preventive maintenance for your home or business comfort system, AC maintenance will prepare your equipment for the long, harsh summer. Getting your system in tip-top shape just before you need it for the season helps to ensure everything from your thermostat, to the system outside, works great all summer. Any Maryland air conditioning professional will tell you that comprehensive maintenance before you turn your system on, decreases the chance of it breaking down. A machine that has been sitting idle for several months should be cleaned, checked, lubricated, and more before turning it on.

At Grove Heating and Cooling, you will find affordable, reliable, and honest AC maintenance and AC tune-up services. We provide a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee for all of our services. We will expertly get your equipment ready for the warm season and extend the life of your system.

Don’t forget to Change Your Filters

Changing your heating and cooling system’s air filter regularly is one of the easiest ways to prevent untimely breakdowns and ensure your unit runs optimally year-round. Air filters remove impurities such as bacteria, dust, and pet dander to protect your HVAC system and improve the air quality in your home.

Over time, air filters become clogged and dirty, rendering them less effective. It’s important to replace filters about every three months, or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Do I Need an AC Tune-Up Every Year?

Yes! We take our cars in for regular oil changes and maintenance, so why don’t we take better care of our AC units?

Grove Heating and Cooling is a Maryland HVAC company that proudly serves Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Howard, Montgomery, and Queen Anne’s counties. If you live in Annapolis, Bowie, Crofton, or any community within our broad service area, and have experienced any of the signs below, you may need to repair your air conditioner.

  • If it is making loud or strange noises
  • If it is frequently shutting off
  • If it runs for an extended period of time and struggles to maintain a cool temperature inside your home
  • If there is decreased airflow from your vents
  • If there is water dripping from your AC unit
  • If there is ice building up on your AC unit

Spring is the best time of year for maintenance because your air conditioner just spent the last several months in hibernation. Some Maryland homeowners put off scheduling an AC tune-up until later in the summer. However, we wouldn’t recommend waiting much longer to have it inspected.

What Does an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Checklist Include?

Some Maryland HVAC companies offer basic cleaning and a flashlight inspection. The team at Grove follows a comprehensive tune-up process to ensure maximum comfort and performance for the upcoming season. We guarantee the results of our air conditioner tune-up, which includes:

  • Thorough System Cleaning
  • Air Delivery System Analysis
  • System Malfunction Check
  • Safety and Efficiency Inspection
  • And More!

Benefits of Professional AC Maintenance

Scheduling a visit from Grove to tune up your air conditioner every spring is an affordable way to enjoy many money-saving benefits, including:

  • Fewer repairs: A tuned-up air conditioner is far less likely to break down than a neglected one. Help your cooling equipment make it all summer without a hitch by scheduling maintenance in the spring.
  • Reduced energy bills: High electricity costs in the summer are due in large part to inefficient air conditioning. With equipment cleaning and a tune-up, you can expect your AC to operate efficiently,  keeping you comfortable while lowering your energy bills at the same time!
  • Warranty coverage: Many manufacturers only uphold parts warranties for equipment that receives preventive tune-ups every year. Skipping maintenance could void your warranty, leaving you to foot the bill if a part fails prematurely. Be sure to keep records of your maintenance visits, so you receive the warranty coverage you deserve!
  • Longer equipment lifespan: Making annual preventive maintenance a priority could help your AC last years longer (allowing you to put off an expensive replacement for a few more summers!)

Special Financing

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Customer Reviews

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Our AC went out when temps were 94 degrees. I called other companies and the soonest other companies could come out was 5 days later! I called Grove and they ask if I wanted them to come out today. I was so thankful they could come out so quickly.

– Michelle V.

Terrific company that does outstanding work. The technicians and staff are very helpful and friendly. Have been using for over a decade and continue to receive great service.

– Bryce M.

Grove was prompt and courteous and explained the problems fully. They also gave us pointers to increase the efficiency of our system. We will certainly share our good experiences with our friends and neighbors. We are happy to recommend your company to anyone. Thanks for being here for us.

– Judith G.
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