Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Companies in the Crofton, MD area need reliable air conditioning in the hot summer months. Without it, you will have a hard time keeping your customers and employees safe.

Don’t wait for your air conditioning unit to start malfunctioning. Prevent the problem entirely by contacting Grove, the number-one commercial AC installation provider in Maryland and the surrounding areas. 

Benefits of Installing a New Commercial Air Conditioner

There are many benefits to having a new commercial air conditioning system installed, but here are the most crucial ones.

Safe and Comfortable Environment for Employees and Customers

The most obvious reason you should install a new commercial AC is for the comfort of those in your building. If your building is too humid, dangerous mold and mildew could start growing in your vents. Without realizing it, everyone who enters the building could be inhaling harmful bacteria and eventually grow ill.

Also, if your employees work in sweltering conditions, their productivity will decrease. Spending long hours in heat that they are not used to is detrimental to their health and overall well-being. Your customers may also face extreme discomfort too, and the lack of a good AC unit could cause them not to want to return. 

Lower Energy Bills and Fewer Repairs

New commercial air conditioners are much more energy efficient, which will save you money on energy bills. You will also not have to worry about repair costs with a new system.

While the thought of buying a whole new system may deter you, note that plenty of the popular, high-efficiency units are less expensive than their predecessors. 

Reduced Energy Costs

As we mentioned earlier, you will find yourself with reduced energy costs due to the installation of a new, high-efficiency system. They use as little energy as possible while also providing your business with all the cool air you desire. The first step to saving this significant amount of money is to contact Grove to make an appointment for commercial AC installation services.

Improved Comfort

You, your employees, and your customers will enjoy the improved comfort of a new air conditioning unit during the summer heat. Commercial air conditioning installation from Grove will secure that comfort for years to come without you needing to worry about a thing.

Types of Commercial Cooling Systems We Install

We offer all types of commercial services for whatever issue you may be facing. 

Commercial AC Systems

We have decades of experience installing new commercial HVAC systems. We can fully replace your system from the ground up, but we also do partial replacements as well. We specialize in retrofitting old buildings and upgrading them to the latest standard.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a perfect unit for both heating and cooling in the Maryland area. If your building has limited space, or you are looking for an environmentally friendly HVAC system, a heat pump is an ideal option for you. Grove offers heat pump maintenance, installation, and repair services.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are one of the most energy-efficient HVAC options on the market, with some units reaching up to a 30 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). These systems remain a growing part of Maryland’s HVAC marketplace.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems change the whole industry of heating by harvesting the heat deep within the Earth to warm your office in the frigid winters. Don’t stress during those humid months either, as a commercial geothermal unit can also work in reverse and remove heat from your home to cool it down. Contact Grove to discuss the installation or repair of your geothermal system.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans

Here at Grove, we also offer different maintenance plans to alleviate a good portion of the costs of maintaining your commercial HVAC system. We know that it may be a bit pricey to maintain a commercial HVAC system that achieves all of your needs, so we offer different membership levels. Our membership system allows you to choose which plan best suits your needs, and every plan has flexible customization as well. 

The plan with the best value is the “prime” plan. You’ll save big while enjoying the benefits of regular maintenance (2 service visits per year).

Choose Grove for Commercial AC Installation Services

Grove has been your number-one, trusted, and family-owned heating and air contractor since 2004. Rain or shine, we cover all of your commercial HVAC needs in Crofton, MD, and the surrounding areas. Contact us here for commercial HVAC installation that is guaranteed to be above the rest.

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The team at Grove is outstanding. Our family has used them for years. Every time we use them, they UP their game. Customer service is well trained and thorough. The technicians do great did work and the repairs were completed on time and at the agreed upon price.

– Bruce S.

Our AC stopped working on a Saturday. We called around to a lot of places and they couldn’t get anyone out until Monday or Tuesday. Grove scheduled us for an “anytime” appointment with the promise that someone would call us 15-20 minutes before they arrived. He did the repair and gave us some suggestions for maintenance as well. He was professional and personable. We will be signing up for a service plan with Grove as soon as possible!

– Crystal H.

Thank you for your quick response to our AC going out yesterday afternoon. Austin was great! He fixed the problem quickly by replacing a part and had the unit up and cooling again in no time! Grove Heating and Cooling came through again!! I will continue to recommend to everybody I know!

– Susie S.
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