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Annapolis, MD Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Emergency 24/7 HVAC Repair Service in Annapolis

At Grove Heating and Cooling, we repair and install all types of HVAC equipment, including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, ductless mini-split units, geothermal heat pumps, boilers, and more. 

If you have an emergency, we’re ready to help. Just call our emergency service line 410-881-2451 if your need is outside of regular business hours.

Annapolis HVAC Company

Whether you have an emergency furnace repair need or a scheduled air conditioning tune-up, you can relax. Our highly-skilled team arrives on time, in fully-stocked trucks, to get your job done right the first time. 

For your peace of mind we offer benefits including a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee* on all services. We also have all the necessary licenses and certifications, as well as a few awards. 

Our professionals are well-versed in the nuances of the Annapolis area, including the need for creativity or extra care of historic or complicated structures. Our team is familiar with the unique building codes in this area, so we’re mindful of the steps necessary to repair, install, or service, HVAC equipment in compliance.

Signs Annapolis Homes or Businesses Need Air Conditioner or Furnace Repair

AC blows warm air or furnace blows cold air

Be advised, during extremely hot or cold weather, it often takes HVAC equipment some time to catch up or stay consistently warm or cool. If you use a heat pump, for example, it might struggle during long periods of cold weather and need to switch to auxiliary heat mode for additional heat. If your heat pump’s heat strips malfunction, our team can handle it quickly. 

Utility bill spikes without obvious explanation

For many people, a spike in the electric or gas bill is the first sign that something is wrong with the heating and cooling system. If there’s no apparent cause, like extreme temperatures, your HVAC equipment is trying to tell you something. 

Strange noises or odors

Another sign HVAC equipment needs professional help is odd sounds or odors. Every system makes noise when it starts up and stops, as well as a consistent sound while operating. 

However, if you hear: clanks, bangs, buzzes, hisses, or other sounds, call for HVAC repair. If you smell a musty smell when you use your furnace for the first time, that’s normal. Any dust in the system will give off a temporary odor during the first couple of days of use in the fall.  

If you smell a mildew-type odor or a burning smell after your system has been up and running for a few days, call Grove Heating and Cooling to check it out. 

AC can’t keep up with humidity

Annapolis is a beautiful historic city, but its geography means we live with a fair amount of humidity. Part of the air conditioning process removes humidity to help your home feel cooler. 

If it still feels humid indoors, the AC could be stopping before it completes its full cycle. If it’s performing and the humidity levels are still too high for your comfort, ask us about a whole-house dehumidifier. They’re very effective and help prevent allergy and asthma triggers like mold and mildew. 

HVAC starts and stops without fully completing the cycle, leaving hot or cold spots/uneven temps

Does your HVAC system frequently stop and start? Are there rooms or levels of your home with drastically different temperatures? Your system could be short cycling. There could be multiple reasons for this issue, and our team of technicians will help you resolve it.

Annapolis Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, and Furnace Tune Ups

All HVAC equipment needs regular service. Preventive maintenance: 

  • Catches issues while they’re small before they become inconvenient repairs
  • Keeps manufacturer warranties intact
  • Helps your equipment run efficiently, which requires less energy
  • Extends the equipment’s lifespan; go longer before replacement is necessary.

Anytime you improve the efficiency of a machine, it costs less to operate, so it saves you money on your utility bill.

HVAC Maintenance is Easy with Preventive Service Plans

At Grove, we offer a variety of maintenance memberships for your heating and air equipment. Choose from three levels or customize a membership to your specific household needs. It’s important to find the best option for your lifestyle and your home’s system. 

Members enjoy priority scheduling, significant discounts on service repairs, and longer warranties. Many Annapolis residents have told us the savings from these benefits paid for the membership itself! Make HVAC maintenance easy with a membership from Grove.

Tired of Spending Money on HVAC Repairs? Get a Free Quote

If you’ve spent your last dollar on heating and air repairs, ask Grove for a free estimate. We love to provide second opinions. After all, many problems begin with an improperly-sized HVAC unit. 

Don’t let an HVAC contractor upsell or tell you a “bigger AC compressor is better” or that this one is “plenty big.” Also, don’t let them install the same size you have without performing the right calculations. You could be in for the same problems as before.

We also offer finance options so you can enjoy greater comfort, lower operating costs, a new warranty, and better air quality while you spread out payments.

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