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Between work, running the kids around and performing daily chores around the house, there’s little time left in the day for much else. So when inconvenient issues sprout up around your Annapolis, MD home such as a leaky water heater or broken HVAC system, you need the assistance of a professional home services company you can trust.

Grove Heating & Cooling is the top choice for maintenance, repair and installation service for heating and cooling systems, indoor air quality equipment and water heaters in the Annapolis, MD area. We’re a family owned and operated company that has proudly served the homeowners of Annapolis, MD since 2004. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Air Conditioning

We don’t have to remind you how hot the summers can get in Annapolis, MD. When the mercury rises, you need peace of mind knowing you have an air conditioner that will operate efficiently even on the warmest days of the year. The heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality specialists at Grove Heating & Cooling offer the following air conditioning services:

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Busy homeowners often have their plates full and may forget to schedule annual air conditioning maintenance. Scheduling an air conditioning tune up each spring, though, is imperative to ensure your system operates properly and efficiently. Preventative maintenance service can lower energy bills, reduce the risk of repairs and increase the lifespan of your AC unit.

Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioner may still operate even when issues are present such as low airflow, loud noises and short cycling occur. But the longer you delay having your cooling system inspected and repaired by a qualified heating and cooling professional, the bigger and more expensive the issue can become. Contact Grove Heating & Cooling for professional air conditioner repair service at the first sign of an issue.

Air Conditioning Installation

It can be difficult to determine exactly when an air conditioner needs to be replaced. But if it’s over 15 years old, breaking down frequently or producing sky-high energy bills, contact Grove Heating & Cooling for air conditioning installation service. Our technicians can inspect your unit and determine whether repair or replacement is the best option. Although a significant financial investment, new HVAC equipment including air conditioners can improve efficiency, reduce energy bills and decrease the chance of a breakdown.


Although popular alternatives to furnaces have grown in popularity over the years, furnaces are still a tried and true method of heating homes in Annapolis, MD. They provide powerful, efficient heating to keep your family comfortable throughout the colder months.

The local heating experts at Grove Heating & Cooling can provide a full range of services for furnaces, including furnace maintenance, furnace repair and furnace installation. If your furnace is acting up, contact our heating and air conditioning technicians for service. They can thoroughly inspect the system and recommend whether a repair or replacement is the best option.

Well-maintained furnaces can last about 15-20 years on average. Once they reach this age range, they start to become less efficient and break down more frequently. Contact Grove for outstanding service in Annapolis, MD.

Indoor Air Quality

Grove offers the ultimate in HVAC solutions including indoor air quality accessories. While most homeowners pay close attention to the temperature inside their homes, many residential and commercial customers forget about the importance of their home’s indoor air quality. It’s estimated that indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outside air, which can cause health issues especially for those with asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

Installing a whole house air filtration system is beneficial to removing harmful contaminants and pollutants from the air including dust, dirt, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria and viruses. Meanwhile, installing a whole house dehumidifier can help balance humidity levels to prevent health issues and damage to your home caused by excess moisture in the air. Contact Grove Heating & Cooling to install the following IAQ equipment in your home:

  • Thermostats – Including manual, programmable and smart thermostats to keep your HVAC unit running at top efficiency.
  • UV air purifiers – Heating, air conditioning, and air ducts all benefit from air cleaners and purifiers that reduce the harmful contaminants within your air supply.
  • Air Cleaners – Media air cleaners removed dirt, debris, allergens, and other airborne contaminants from your indoor air.
  • Humidifiers – Annapolis winters can quickly lead to dry and uncomfortable indoor air. Humidifiers maintain ideal relative humidity and protect your family from dry air ailments.
  • Dehumidifiers – High humidity levels in spring and summer can warp wood, promote mold growth, and lead to respiratory discomfort. Dehumidifiers help your air conditioning and ventilation system run at peak efficiency.

Heat Pumps

Since winters are relatively mild in Annapolis, MD, heat pump installation is highly recommended. Why? Well, if you’re not as familiar with heat pumps as you are with central heating and cooling systems, it’s important to note that heat pumps offer both heating and cooling for year-round comfort. Instead of burning fuel to create heat like furnaces do, heat pumps simply transport warm air in and out of the home depending on the season. Even on cold days, there’s enough warmth in the outside air to provide heating.

Since heat pumps are used as both a heating and cooling solution, they do need regular HVAC services including heat pump maintenance and repairs to keep them operating properly, once before the cooling season and again before the heating season. If you’re looking for a new HVAC unit, contact Grove Heating & Cooling about our heat pump installation service. We also provide heat pump maintenance and heat pump repair.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-splits operate similarly to traditional heat pumps with one big difference – they don’t utilize ducts to transport conditioned air around your home, making them highly efficient. Instead, mini-splits operate with an outdoor condenser/compressor unit and one or more indoor air handling units that are installed on the walls and ceilings. Since ductwork can lose up to 20-30% of conditioned air, ductless systems are considered a highly efficient HVAC system option.

Grove Heating & Cooling can discuss whether you can benefit from having a ductless mini-split installed in your Annapolis, MD home. Mini-splits are most commonly used to provide comfort for areas of your home that are difficult to keep comfortable such as bonus rooms over garages and sunrooms. They’re also popular HVAC systems to install in new home additions that aren’t connected to the existing ductwork. Mini-splits can even be used to cool and heat your entire room if you install them in every area of your house. Each air handler has its own thermostat so you can control the temperature in each area separately for increased comfort and energy savings. Contact Grove for the following professional services:

Geothermal Systems

For the ultimate in energy efficiency, consider installing a geothermal HVAC system in your Annapolis, MD home. Instead of relying solely on gas- or electric-powered HVAC options, geothermal heat pumps harness the energy of the ground’s consistent temperatures to provide heating and cooling for homes.

A geothermal system uses a network of tubes that are buried underground, adjacent to your home, to extract heat from the earth during winter and disperse it within your living space. When cooling is required during the warmer months, geothermal heat pumps effectively draw heat away from your indoor environment and expel it underground.

Although one of the most expensive heating and cooling solutions on the market, geothermal systems have many benefits. In terms of HVAC services, geothermal heat pumps have an exceptionally long lifespan, are extremely quiet, create no direct carbon emissions, and, yes, they can reduce HVAC system costs by 50-70%! Contact Grove to learn more about installing a geothermal HVAC system in your Annapolis, MD home.

Water Heaters

We often forget the important role that our hot water heaters play in our daily lives until it breaks down and we’re left with taking a cold shower in the morning. Grove Heating & Cooling provides a full range of water heater services in Annapolis, MD, including water heater repair and water heater installation.

Since tank water heaters are used so frequently, they often need to be replaced about every 10-15 years. Tankless water heaters, meanwhile, can last up to 20 years on average.

Whether it’s tankless water heaters or traditional water heaters, any type of water heater needs regular service. Preventive maintenance includes: 

  • Catching issues while they’re small before they become inconvenient repairs
  • Keeping manufacturer warranties intact
  • Helping your equipment run efficiently, which requires less energy
  • Extending the equipment’s lifespan

Anytime you improve the efficiency of an appliance, it costs less to operate, so it saves you money on your energy bills. Contact Grove Heating & Cooling for professional, timely and cost-effective plumbing services.


If you operate a business in the local Annapolis, MD area, you understand how important it is to provide your employees and customers with a comfortable and healthy environment. Poor indoor air quality and inefficient heating and cooling can lead to a reduction in worker productivity, increased sick days and a hit to your company’s bottom line. The HVAC experts at Grove Heating & Cooling can provide a full range of commercial HVAC maintenance, repair and installation service.

Some of our most popular commercial HVAC services include:

  • Operations and maintenance services
  • HVAC system installation services
  • System design and project management services
  • Advanced technology and efficiency services

HVAC Maintenance is Easy with Preventive Service Plans

At Grove, we offer a variety of HVAC maintenance memberships for your heating and air equipment. Choose from three levels or customize a membership to your specific household needs. It’s important to find the best option for your lifestyle and your home’s system.

Members enjoy priority scheduling, significant discounts on HVAC service repairs, and longer warranties. Many Annapolis residents have told us the savings from these benefits paid for the membership itself! Make HVAC maintenance easy with a membership from Grove.

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At Grove Heating & Cooling, we care about the health and comfort of our customers. When you work with Grove, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the job will be performed to the exact specifications. We won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied with the work that was performed. We can also offer a free estimate before we begin our work. For heating and cooling services in Annapolis, MD, contact Grove Heating & Cooling today.

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