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Heap pumps last an average of 15 years, and they are a very reliable way to heat and cool your Annapolis, MD home. However, since they are often used year-round, they may need to be repaired on occasion. If your heat pump is acting up, contact the heating and cooling technicians at Grove Heating & Cooling. We’d be happy to assist with all of your HVAC system needs.

Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

It’s more expensive to replace an existing heat pump than to repair it, but there are times when you might be considering whether to repair or replace your unit. While a small repair is generally worth paying for, even small repairs will add up. Take the time to consider the following when determining if you should repair or replace your heat pump:

How Old Is the Heat Pump?

A heat pump will last an average of 15 years. If the unit is less than 10 years old, it probably doesn’t need to be replaced yet. Once your unit is assessed, consider the cost of repair over the cost of replacing the unit.

Is There an Active Warranty?

If you have a newer heat pump, there’s a high chance that there is still an active warranty on it. Find out if your heat pump is still under warranty, and make all needed repairs before the warranty runs out. A warranty is likely to cover most of the repair costs of your heat pump.

Problems With Your Heat Pump that Indicate a Repair

Heat pumps are known for how efficient they are. They work well to heat and cool and when you switch to a heat pump system you will notice lower heating and cooling costs. The reason is that a A heat pump system is used to heat and cool your home. Unstable temperature regulation is a clear sign something needs to be addressed with your heating and cooling system. Your heat pump needs a repair if:

Your Energy Bills are Excessive

Take a look at your energy usage rates from the previous year to see if you are using more energy to keep your home comfortable. Rising energy rates are one thing, while an excessively high bill is often due to an inefficient heating or cooling system. If you are using a much higher amount of energy to stay comfortable, your unit needs to be repaired.

Your System Turns on and Off Frequently

If your heat pump keeps turning on and off without cooling down your home, you need the system inspected further. This is called short cycling, and it occurs for a number of reasons. Short cycling wastes energy and needs to be addressed right away. Your thermostat may be broken, or there could be a problem with the control unit of your heat pump.

When Your Heat Pump Needs to Be Replaced

As your heat pump gets older, it’s going to have more problems. Once you are calling consistently for repairs, it’s time to consider a replacement. It is common to have your heat pump replaced once it is breaking down frequently, and the repairs are getting more expensive.

If your heat pump is older than 10 years and needs an expensive repair, the cost of a replacement is probably worth it. Major issues with your heat pump are a clear sign that it’s time to make a decision on whether to replace or repair the existing system. If your system doesn’t engage, or it’s too small for your home, a heat pump replacement is probably the most cost-effective way to deal with the problem.

Routine Maintenance Makes a Difference

A heat pump needs to be properly maintained twice a year to make sure it is optimized for the heating and then for the cooling season. During this service visit, your system will be cleaned, tested, and we’ll suggest any minor repairs that need to be made. Fixing the small issues with your heat pump will help prevent large issues from occurring. If you notice strange odors, or you hear noises coming from your heat pump when it’s running, get your system serviced by a professional heating and cooling company.

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At Grove Heating & Cooling, we are a trusted resource in Maryland for all of your heating and cooling needs. We can talk to you about your heat pump repair needs, and recommend repair or replacement as necessary. We are a proud member of our community, and we know what it takes to provide you with the best heating and cooling services in the area.

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