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Maryland is experiencing a cool spell for early August and that can give your Air Conditioning and Heating system a break.  Early August temperature average highs at 85 degrees and lows of 68 degrees in central Maryland.  However we have been experiencing temperatures about 8 degrees lower and humidity has been low as well.  This allows for open windows and cool evenings to enjoy with friends and family.  Your A/C and furnace might get the chance to stay at rest for a few more weeks and a slight chance that we can make it into the autumn season without another heat wave into the 90s and high humidity.  As a leading HVAC company Serving all of central Maryland we look forward to cool, comfortable weather.    Some will choose to keep their windows closed and AC on as the 80s and humidity of midday can cause an uncomfortable, sticky house.  Either way your HVAC should be running much less and monthly utility bills should reflect the savings.Grove HVAC Crofton MD

Indoor air quality can be greatly effected by opening windows and letting air in the home.  For some homeowners the August air will bring annoying allergens as grass still need cut, edges trimmed and many flowers are still blooming and producing pollen.  This is where an indoor, in-vent, air purification system can help to reduce those annoying particles.  There are several systems to choose from and a popular air purifier is the Reme Halo.   We have decades of experience and can help with your existing air purifying system in Central Maryland or can help to find the right choice to help with your indoor air quality.

Geothermal HVAC systems in Maryland love this nice temperatures as well.  Being friendly to the environment with minimal costs to run your geothermal system allows you to get the benefit of cleaner spaces and lower utility bills.  With geothermal you’ll also notice a quieter running system.  If you are looking for a peaceful, calming HVAC system geothermal might be the right solution for your family’s home.   We are glad to speak with you about our time tested process and installation for geothermal HVAC in Maryland.Geothermal Maryland

Whatever you prefer “Windows Open or Windows Closed” this Month of August we hope that you enjoy it and take in all the sights and sounds as we near the end of Summer in Central Maryland.

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