HVAC Heating and Cooling in Maryland – Heat Wave in Maryland

As a HVAC company in Maryland, we sometimes get questions about the performance and effect on furnaces and air conditioning equipment in the spring temperature swings.  “Heat Wave in Maryland” makes the headlines a couple times every year and it can cause your AC to run as early as April and often in May.  To keep things simple and answer the question, “Does an early heat wave effect my HVAC systems?”  Your air conditioning system in Maryland should be able to handle the “on and off” of an early heat wave.HVAC company in Maryland

Much like this week in May, Maryland is seeing a “mini” heat wave with record breaking temperatures in the 90s.  You can rest easy with a quality system you should have no problems.  Older air conditioning systems can become taxed from the sporadic use in an early Maryland heat wave.  Your HVAC system may need to have the thermostat changed over to “cool” manually on older systems.  New systems with smartphone access, app or remote may allow you to switch from heat to cool remotely like the Nest HVAC system:  “You can easily switch between modes on the Nest Thermostat itself or with the Nest app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Here’s how:”

If you decide to turn on your Air Conditioning in Maryland’s heat wave and your system does not work as expected feel free to call us with any questions.  This is a great time of year to sign up for our HVAC maintenance program for Central Maryland.   This maintenance will help to keep you informed and extend the life of your HVAC system without a high pressure sales pitch.  We’ve been in the heating and cooling in Maryland business for decades and we know the long term success occurs when you treat Every person and business like you want to be treated.  If you are looking for quality, value and honesty give us a call for all your HVAC in Maryland.HVAC company in Maryland

This is a great time of year to put our “Speak to a LIVE person”  -  24 hour Emergency HVAC number in your phone: (410) 721-5595

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