HVAC Thermostats Recycling Safety in Maryland

As a HVAC (Heating and Cooling company in Maryland) we HVAC thermostatstrive to provide the best service to our customers and help educate at the same time.  Which brings us to this weeks blog post on HVAC thermostats safety.  While most new thermostats do NOT contain Mercury – some older thermostats do.  Our local Maryland communities and towns like Annapolis, Laurel, Bowie, College Park, Glen Burnie, Crofton, Pasadena are historically older and possibly contain original thermostats.

Does my HVAC Thermostat contain Mercury?

Mercury is hazardous and exposure to it should be avoided.  DO NOT Take apart the thermostat nor the Mercury ampoule.   The safest way to deal with an older thermostat is to contact us at Grove HVAC in Maryland and have an experienced technician schedule for a routine maintenance plan for peace of mind and a good investment in having your equipment last longer and run more efficiently.  However, older thermostats will contain a small glass bubble or “ampoule” which contains the Mercury which is silvery looking and is in liquid form inside the glass ampoules.  This was used in the past as a switch to tell the system when to activate the heating or cooling.  Most current day quality thermostats which are electronic or manual do not contain Mercury however if you inspect the packaging look for the lettering symbol “Hg” which you will remember from your chemistry class is Mercury’s element symbol from the periodic table.

HVAC Thermostats with Mercury in Maryland

Maryland has prohibited the sale of thermostats in Maryland with Mercury.  You can read more about the hazardous material rules.

Older, existing thermostats with Mercury should be disposed of properly which means it should NOT be put into the trash or poured down the drain or into the ground but instead should be recycled or collected at an approved facility in Maryland.  For example:


Which home product may contain Mercury?

In a related note there are other common older household items which can contain Mercury.  Batteries can contain Mercury and should be carefully disposed of or recycled. Fluorescent bulbs and lamps are also on the list of possible containers and should also be carefully disposed.  Thermometers which are older glass styles. Appliances like gas ranges,  Large freezers, some washers, gas stoves/ranges and gas hot water heaters can possibly contain mercury switches.  More are more general materials like; Paint, Paint thinner, pesticides, herbicides and in rare cases medication.

For more information on general HHW (Household Hazardous Waste) in Maryland from Maryland’s Department of Environment

HVAC Heating and Cooling in Maryland

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