Maryland Heatwave Tips to Stay Cool

Maryland Weather is at it again and as we enter another Summer Heatwave we would like to share a few tips we have found over the years to possibly help with staying a little more comfortable and save money on your HVAC and utilities.

Air Condtioning tips

  1. Stay Hydrated We often remember to stay hydrated when outside in the heat but don’t forget to stay hydrated indoors as well.  Headaches can be an early sign of dehydration.
  2. Your Car Parking your car in a shaded area means that you will stay cooler and use less energy when you do need to travel.  Remember never leave any person or animal in a car, even for a short time.
  3. Clothing Loose, light colored and lightweight are good recommendations.  The light colors reflects more light and heat energy.  Loose fit allows for air flow and blood flow, both or which cools the body more readily.
  4. Block out the Sun:  It is a simple thing to pull down the blinds, draw the curtains and close doors we sometimes forget to do this simple step in rooms and areas that we rarely use.
  5. Seal leaks :  We usually associate air leaks with the winter cold getting in the windows and doors however it is just as important to be sure that leaks around doors and windows are sealed and / or weather stripping is used.
  6. Windows:  With many windows consisting of “two window sections” which then latch in the middle, the top window will occasionally come down just enough to allow a large gap between the top of the higher window and the top of the window frame.  Since this is out of view and hard to see the gap from below – it is worth checking.
  7. Check your AC filters:  If your system has a filter and you haven’t checked it recently this is a great time to remember and clean or replace the filter.
  8. Check the Area around the outdoor unit:  With Spring foliage growth having ample time to creep into the area around your outdoor Air Conditioning unit it is a good thing to check so that your AC can properly exchange heat as easily as possible
  9. Consider Peak Times and using Utilities:  Doing laundry, running the dishwasher, using the dryer, boiling water and cooking on the stove… All these take considerable energy and add heat to the inside of your home or business.  If you can schedule these activities at the cooler parts of the day you may save on your utilities as well as keep your house more comfortable.
  10. Don’t forget your Fans:  With the great heating and cooling systems that we install and service here at Grove it is easy to forget all about using fans.  But, there is nothing wrong with turning on the fan and moving the air to increase circulation.
  11. Hot Water usage:  Long Hot showers, boiling water and running the hot water in general puts heat and humidity into the living space and that can make your system work harder to recover.

We hope you can use some of these ideas in your attempt to beat this Summer’s heatwaves in Maryland.  If we can be of service with Air Conditioning, regular Maintenance, Emergency service, Installing a new system, Geothermal or Mini Split to make your home or business more comfortable and Save you money do not hesitate to call and speak with us – right here at our family owned and operated Grove HVAC in Maryland.  410-721-5595