Repair or Replace your Maryland Air Conditioner?

Many Air Conditioning units in Maryland will last a long, long time if regular and preventative maintenance is performed by a qualified AC repair company like us here at GROVE.  Maryland has many unique conditions like Annapolis and Pasadena’s saltier air to the heavier wooded areas in Bowie and Crofton or the more mature homes in Glen Burnie, Laurel and Davidsonville.  These conditions call for an experienced well trained Air conditioning company to get it right and save you money while keeping you in comfort.  But ultimately a replacement is needed.

AC unit in Maryland

Maryland Air Conditioning Units – When to Replace or Repair?

Take for example, this older unit above.  It is still running but its performance is weak and not very efficient causing higher than needed utility bills.  Units can lose performance without regular or preventative maintenance and then total replacement is needed causing higher utility bills.  Maryland as we all know has some wide ranges of temperatures and humidity causing systems to run harder at certain times of the year.  Annapolis Maryland often has lower temperatures but still has it’s unique conditions.  Pasadena, Crofton, Laurel and Glen Burnie have many mature homes and this means that the choice to replace your AC unit will come into the equation.  No doubt a unit which is neglected is going to not last as long and will have higher utility bills because of its poor condition.

when to replace your Air ConditionerMD Air Conditioning unit Replacement Choices

Older AC units have running issues from clutter around the unit with leaves, yard debris, dirt and other environmental conditions as well as normal wear over time.  The lifetime of a unit can vary greatly with the preventative maintenance as compared to the abuse of the weather and if it is correctly matched to the living space it needs to provide comfort.

As you can see above the Air Conditioning unit itself can rust and the coils can fill with dirt.  The rust is a hazard to children, pets and people in general.  The dirt and debris in the coils will cause the heat exchange to lack in efficiency and make the unit work harder.   When a unit has to work harder this means that the moving parts run more often and wear increases in a shorter amount of time.  This will make the lifetime of the unit to shorten and not only higher monthly bills but a costly emergency repair.  The worst part of the entire condition is the time that the home has to be without comfort as Maryland’s summer heat and humidity makes the inside of the home or business HOT and the people a little more cranky.  There is no reason to go through any of this with a call to setup regular, preventative or even repair Air Conditioning service right here in Maryland.

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We gladly serve HVAC (Heating and Cooling) repairs for most all of Maryland -  We specialize in Annapolis, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Laurel, Pasadena, Bowie and of course our hometown of Davidsonville MD.