Switching to Heating in Maryland this Fall

As Fall is here in Maryland and temperatures stay cool, we switch the furnace thermostat to “Heating” for the first time.  It is a good idea to consider doing this a little early to test that the system which has served you so well, for so long is still in the mood to serve you.  Furnaces in Maryland usually last around 16 – 20 years but of course there is fluctuation even beyond that with extreme conditions, abuse and inferior quality equipment.  Sometimes it is an external issue beyond your control.  For our latest detailed list on the 9 signs that your furnace needs repair or replacement in Maryland.

So a good idea is to check the weather forecast and pick a 3 day cold spell and turn the Thermostat to “heat” and test that furnace against what Maryland is going to offer this Winter season.  If you are already enrolled into our regular maintenance plans you are all set for your home and/or business to stay comfortable for the cold and windy nights.  If not consider checking into a HVAC regular maintenance plan and save the headache and a few dollars!