Heating & Air Conditioning in Crofton MD

We provide Residential and Commercial HVAC services in Crofton that are second to none.  With 7 days a week Emergency service we do what it takes to service your company and residential needs.  With a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee and One year Money back guarantee on Trane equipment we provide unparalleled service.

HVAC Crofton, MD - AC & Furnace repair in Crofton

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Residential Heating and Cooling Services in Crofton, MD

Keeping you comfortable year round in your home is only a phone call away for HVAC service in Crofton, MD. We have a long history in residential services in furnace and AC repairs.  We can find an economical and energy saving system to fit your home need because of our original engineering of heating and cooling systems background. We at Grove create unique solutions for existing homes, like the original mini-split systems. We are a certified installer of Mitsubishi’s mini-splits also known as multi split, split-ductless, or split-zoning. For an existing home looking to change with the years we think mini-splits are the best option. Mini-splits work really well for saving money, especially when you want to climate condition different areas of the home.  This means great comfort, while at the same time saving on utilities.  Give us a call if you have any questions about your home furnace or air conditioning in Crofton, MD.

Furnaces and AC Solutions in Crofton MD – Companies and Corporate

Our Furnace and AC solutions have created a long list of longtime customers and our 50+ years of combined experience show we are ready to provide you with the service you need, no matter what size business you have in Crofton. To back up our business The Building Performance Institute Inc. (BPI) certified that we are competent to perform to high standards.  We are Certified, Registered, Licensed, Insured, and Accredited for large-scale business and commercial HVAC service repair and replacement in Crofton, MD.  The needs of engineering and experience are important parts of installing and servicing large systems so that down time and emergencies are very rare and with proper maintenance they on most cases can be removed completely. Our reviews and testimonials speak to the level of commitment we have provided in the past and will continue to in the future of our furnace and AC repair, maintenance and installation.

Furnace Repair and Replacement in Crofton, Maryland

We have decades of experience, so we know when to replace and when to repair a furnace.  With our experience, state of the art diagnosis equipment and ongoing training you can be assured we can get you into comfortable temperatures ASAP.   We will give you all the information when it comes to your furnace, so you can make the right decision in your choice to repair or replace your furnace.  There are some simple factors that can help you decide, such as the efficiency of the unit.  The AFUE rating will let you know if that older furnace is costing you in utility bills and is ready for replacement, some as low as 55%.  An AFUE rating of 90% or better will bring you up to energy star standards and bring you peace of mind with a great running furnace and in most cases lower monthly utility bills.  No matter the type (gas, oil, hot water or other furnace) we have the right options for your Crofton Maryland home or business.

Some of the signs to help you choose between Furnace repair and replacement are:

  1. Age – Most last 16 – 20 years, this can vary with conditions & maintenance plan
  2. Frequent malfunctions, stutter
  3. Neglected Maintenance intervals
  4. Increasing Heating Utility Bills
  5. Extremely Dry Air – Older units lack proper humidity controls
  6. Even room temperatures – some cold, some hot
  7. Yellow gas furnace pilot light – this should be a clean blue color
  8. New noises – whistles, whines, grinding, thumps, screeches
  9. Irritation in the eyes, nose or headaches, flu like, nausea – can be signs of carbon monoxide poisoning from your furnace.

Crofton HVAC Company for Heating and Cooling

As humid and hot as Crofton Maryland gets in the summers, all residents know that the winter temperatures can be just as harsh and extreme. During the colder months of the year areas all over Maryland, like Crofton, can experience temperatures below freezing. That is why having a quality heating system in place is necessary. The easiest way to make sure your furnace is functioning properly is to contact us for all your heating needs. If you are ever in need of check up, repair, or installation, then we are here to help you. With roughly 10,000 homes in the area, we’ve built a great reputation for family values throughout Crofton.HVAC in Crofton

We are a proud to serve of the Crofton community. We work where you Work and support locally owned and operated businesses.  Providing Furnace and AC installation, repair and maintenance service in the Crofton area.

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