HVAC Furnace & Air Conditioning in Davidsonville MD

In Anne Arundel County, nearly 8,000 people populate the community of Davidsonville. At Grove HVAC we have years of quality experience that we want to put to good use by helping the people of the area. During the bitter, cold Maryland winter months you can count on us to make sure your furnace is running properly. From big tasks, like furnace replacement or installation, to even smaller tasks, like answering your questions, we are on call for you. For home & business, we want to be your go to HVAC company. We will be with you from the warm months of summer to the cold months of winter. Let us show you why we are the obvious choice for all of your furnace and heating needs in Davidsonville.

Residential HVAC in Davidsonville

With the ever-changing weather in Maryland, nothing is more important than having your home at a comfortable temperature. We have years of experience, so you can trust us with all your HVAC needs.  Plus, we have the values of a family business, which is locally owned and operated, something you may not get with the big companies. We pride ourselves on business values and respect that have built Grove HVAC up from the ground floor into the company that it is today. Besides doing work in the home, we are glad to help fit your business needs too. We’ll strive to make your employees, customers and clients comfortable in your Davidsonville business. Whether for a home or business, treating people and businesses with respect and great service are just two of the things that make our relationships lifelong ones.
Davidsonville HVAC Best award
With our 50+ years of combined experience we have the options for you, your business or even commercial HVAC needs.  Our experience means we can make the best suggestions for you and even inform you about lesser-known products, like mini-splits. Although these have been tested and installed for over 30 years many residents and businesses have not heard of this solution, but we are trained and certified for mini-splits. Mini-splits are a great option for smaller spaces because of the minimal installation and construction needed.  They work on the principals of controlling the conditions of a single room or small area without the need for existing ductwork so construction costs are minimal if any.  Installation time can be shorten and simple with little imposition on the home or business. We at Grove are a certified installer of Air Conditioning systems like Mitsubishi’s mini-splits also known as multi split, split-ductless, or split-zoning.

Commercial Business and Corporate Heating and Cooling in Davidsonville MD

Why are we the company to trust? We are certified, licensed, insured, registered and accredited for large scale commercial and business HVAC service repair and replacement in Davidsonville MD.  The Building Performance Institute Inc.  (BPI) certifies that we are competent to perform to the standards that these large scale services and our years of experience proves that we are an excellent choice to serve your needs.  The needs of engineering and experience are important parts of installing and servicing large systems so that down time and emergencies are very rare and with proper maintenance they on most cases can be removed completely.  Our reviews and testimonials speak to the level of commitment we have provided in the past and will continue to in the future.

AC repair Davidsonville, MD
Whatever your Heating and Cooling needs in Davidsonville

We have you covered with certifications and accreditations for the major equipment suppliers and manufacturers.  As a Trane comfort specialist, a Water furnace GeoPro Master Dealer and a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor we can handle your equipment needs today and install the newest technology to bring your location (residential or commercial) into the future with efficiency and in many cases bring your utility bills down with serious savings over your old and dated equipment.  Efficient furnaces and air-conditioning equipment plus expert installation and dependable service mean that you can have peace of mind.

Furnace Repair in Davidsonville, Maryland

We know that picking a company to work with is an important one and we appreciate your decision. Rest easy knowing we strive to provide service that treats you with the family values that Grove Heating and Cooling is built upon. We work with you and your family to find the most efficient answer to fit your heating needs.  We inspect your furnace so you get the best deal. If your furnace is modern enough that it is still cost effective you, then we’ll make an effort to repair it before deciding on a replacement.

Funrace repair Davidsonville MD
Furnace Replacement in Davidsonville Maryland

Choosing to replace a furnace is a big decision, but it is worth it in the end. When you trust us to replace your furnace you’ll know the finished product will be the right fit for your needs. Also, often a new furnace means that your monthly heating bill will lower, your house will be quieter and winter nights won’t seem so cold.  You don’t have to worry about replace right away because our regular maintenance plans will keep your furnace running longer and more efficiently. When the day for replacement does come though you can depend on us to get it right the first time.
There are some signs of a Furnace unit ready to be replaced so if you are sensing any of these give us a call before it becomes an emergency:

  •  Age – Furnaces typically last 16 – 20 years
  •  Your furnace frequently malfunctions or stops working.
  •  Your heating costs went up over the past years.
  •  You’ve neglected furnace / HVAC maintenance for a long time
  •  Lack of moisture / too Dry
  •  Is the thermostat doing it’s job efficiently?
  •  Pilot light that light should be blue (not yellow)
  •  Are you Hearing new and different noises?
  •  Headaches, Burning in the eyes or nose, flu like feelings, nausea or feeling disoriented can all be signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  •  To see more details on this list see out extended description of signs a furnace needs replaced or repaired in Maryland

AC repair Davidsonville MD

Air Conditioning Repair in Davidsonville, Maryland

We do it all, not only do we install new Air Conditioning solutions in Davidsonville, but we also repair existing AC systems.  Our combined experience of over 50 years means we have the knowledge, skills and equipment needed to service both your Commercial HVAC and Residential AC repair needs.  Whether your business, industry, shop or home needs service we are ready to bring relief and comfort to you.  For more tips on AC in Davidsonville check out or blog post

While we service all surrounding Maryland counties our specialty areas of service include: Davidsonville, Laurel, Crofton, Pasadena, Laurel, Glen Burnie, Davidsonville, College Park, Maryland with excellent service in Air Conditioning and Heating.