What Are Some Bad Furnace Motor Blower Symptoms?

Furnaces are forced air heating systems, meaning they rely on a blower motor and fan to circulate heated air from the unit into the home through the duct system. Just like any other system component, it is possible for the blower motor to go bad and require a replacement blower motor. Grove Heating & Cooling shares bad furnace motor blower symptoms to watch for so you’ll know when to schedule repair service and have your blower replaced.

Signs Your Furnace’s Blower Is Going Bad

The furnace’s blower assembly is made up of a motor and fan that runs to circulate heated air from the furnace system, through the ductwork, and into your home’s various living areas. If your blower motor starts to wear out, you may notice some symptoms such as:

Little Airflow from Vents

As mentioned, the blower’s job is to circulate air through the system. If the blower motor is going bad, it will struggle to operate the fan. The result will be weak airflow coming from the vents inside your living spaces. This airflow issue can be one of the main symptoms that indicate the component needs to be replaced. 

Additionally, you may have a bad capacitor and require a replacement to power the motor, or the motor may simply be clogged and require a good cleaning from your HVAC technician. Duct leaks and disconnections may also be to blame for poor airflow and should also be checked out by a professional.

No Airflow from Vents

If the blower fails to operate, you won’t receive any heated air through the vents in your home. If the blower isn’t turning on at all, this is a symptom that can indicate a full replacement motor is necessary. Other problems that can cause this symptom are a faulty relay, bad thermostat, or problem with the unit’s fan control. Each of these issues should be diagnosed and repaired by an HVAC technician.

Loud Noises When the Heat Is On

Your furnace should produce very little operating noise under normal conditions – a click or two upon startup and a steady hum as the furnace runs is typical. If you suddenly hear loud and strange sounds like squealing or grinding, these are symptoms of a bad furnace motor blower that can signal signs of motor bearing problems or a damaged belt in older belt-driven models. 

Repairs may be possible or it may be time to replace the blower motor entirely. Rattling or knocking noises can indicate a part is damaged or broken in the blower that requires repair. All of these symptoms can be assessed and corrected by a professional.

Burning Odor from Vents

If you notice a burning smell coming out of your air vents while the furnace runs, these smells are symptoms that tell you the furnace blower motor is overheating. Overheating of the blower motor can happen due to an accumulation of dirt and dust, which you may be able to clean yourself, if you feel comfortable doing so – or your technician can complete this task. There may be a part in the assembly that has failed and must be replaced, or the motor may just be wearing out and is due for replacement. 

High Energy Bills

Energy bills that are suddenly higher than normal are a general sign that points to furnace issues, rather than bad blower motor symptoms specifically. A bad blower motor can cause the HVAC system to use more energy and drive up your heating bills, and is one possibility that should be investigated if you notice a spike in your winter utility expenses. 

Solve Blower Motor Issues with Grove Heating & Cooling

When you notice bad furnace motor blower issues over the winter, give Grove Heating & Cooling a call right away. Our skilled heating and air conditioning technicians can diagnose and correct your heating system issues, whether a part needs to be repaired or your entire blower motor needs to be replaced. Contact us to schedule HVAC unit services anytime.

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