What Are the Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat?

Have you upgraded your thermostat to a smart model yet? If not, you’re missing out on all the valuable benefits of a smart thermostat and the wonders it can do for your home and family! Learn how a smart thermostat differs from a programmable model and how these differences positively affect comfort, energy savings and more!

Smart vs. Programmable Thermostats

For many years, programmable thermostats were the gold standard for energy savings in home heating and cooling. With the ability to schedule temperature changes, homeowners could cut back on energy usage without sacrificing comfort. While programmable thermostats are a smart step towards energy conservation, smart thermostats generate even more savings by cutting back on waste.

With a smart thermostat, there’s no need to schedule temperature changes. The smart thermostat effectively learns your preferences and monitors your schedule using sensors to deliver energy-efficient HVAC settings throughout the day. 

This ability is one of the main benefits of a smart thermostat in the home. The ability to sense if the home is occupied or not and adjust temperatures accordingly goes beyond the capabilities of a programmable thermostat. This ensures energy savings opportunities are never missed. With a programmable thermostat, schedules change and homeowners do not always remember to adjust settings, which leads to heating or cooling an empty home, resulting in energy waste.

Thermostat Accessibility

Smart thermostats are accessible via apps on personal smart devices including cell phones and tablets – most programmable thermostats do not offer this feature unless they are Wi-Fi connected. This enhanced accessibility is one of the great benefits of a smart thermostat at home! If you’ll arrive home sooner than normal, simply access the thermostat’s settings through the app and ensure your home’s temperature is comfortable upon your arrival.

Plus, you can receive alerts through the app regarding unexpected temperature changes in the home, so you are able to take action immediately. If the temperature rises or falls while you’re on vacation, or in a rental home, this helps you monitor HVAC system function or determine if a visit is needed to check for other problem sources. The alerts delivered by smart thermostats help homeowners protect their residences.

Energy Savings and Monitoring

The benefits of a smart thermostat related to energy savings go beyond the learned scheduling. With a smart thermostat installed, homeowners gain powerful data regarding energy usage at home to help them see where the most money is spent and uncover savings opportunities. The app is your portal to assess your household’s energy use and is a valuable resource as you plan further energy-saving projects throughout the home.

Some smart thermostats can even use current weather conditions to automatically adjust your home’s heating and air conditioning system for the optimal balance of comfort and efficiency. 

Better HVAC System Care

In addition to preserving indoor comfort, smart thermostats include preservation of your HVAC system, too! The thermostat constantly assesses HVAC system performance, looking for spikes in energy consumption. When detected, these increases indicate possible malfunctions that require repair. The app alerts you to the change so you are able to quickly schedule a visit from your HVAC technician.

Routine maintenance is essential for HVAC system care, and your smart thermostat helps you stay on top of your HVAC system’s needs. One of the great benefits of a smart thermostat is the alerts for maintenance. The app reminds you when it’s time to change your air filter, schedule a tune up and more, depending on your model of smart thermostat.

Embrace the Benefits of a Smart Thermostat Today!

Take comfort control to the next level by installing a smart thermostat in your home today! Installing a smart thermostat will cut energy costs and save you money on your energy bills while you’re away. Call Grove Heating & Cooling to schedule an estimate and installation for a new smart thermostat and start enjoying better comfort and energy conservation right away!

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