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Heat pumps address two needs within a single solution. They are a heating appliance and a cooling appliance all in the same unit. Unlike an HVAC system where there is an AC unit and a furnace, the heat pump uses a reverse valve to produce hot or cold air. They do not burn fuel to create heat so they offer a greater efficiency over most other heating and cooling appliances.

Grove HVAC offers exceptional heat pump installation services in Columbia, MD. if it is time to replace your HVAC system consider going with the cost efficient heat pump system.

Do You Need to Replace Your Heat Pump?

When the following signs and symptoms become part of your regular routine, it may be time to replace your heat pump. Heat pumps can last in excess of fifteen years, but eventually they need replacing.

Low Efficiency

Low efficiency means that the unit is using more electricity to do the same heating or cooling job it did when new. A heat pump that has low efficiency is costing you money, which will show up in your monthly energy bills.

Low Heat or AC Output

When your heat pump is not long able to produce high heat and quality AC output, it should be replaced. It will use more energy to do a poor job of heating or cooling your house. It will also cost more to have a less comfortable indoor ambient temperature.

Loud During Operation

Heat pumps are very quiet so when your heat pump begins to make a lot of noise, it is probably time to replace it. You want a heat pump that you can rely on all year long. A loud and clunky heat pump is letting you know that it is failing. Grove HVAC heat pump repair and installation service can install a new heat pump quickly.

High Energy Bills

Higher energy bills may be the result of a heat pump that is losing efficiency. It it taking more electricity to create the same amount of heating or cooling. In some cases, it may take more energy to do a poorer job of making your home comfortable. Other issues can also cause your Columbia MD energy bill to spike. A service call can help isolate the problem and let you know if heat pump maintenance is required.

What Makes a Heat Pump Different?

Heat pumps are highly efficient and may produce 175 percent more efficiency over an HVAC. If you are using an Geothermal Heat pump the added efficiency may jump as high as 600 percent over that of an HVAC.

Heat pumps work by compressing coolant. When the coolant is under regular pressure it is icy cold. When the coolant compresses to a higher pressure, it heats up and enables the heat pump to create hot air. The unit also works by separating air energy and moving cold air away from warm air.

Heat pumps also do not burn fossil fuel so you do not have to pay for gas or oil as part of your heating and cooling needs for your Columbia, MD home.

If you want to learn more about our Heat Pump Service, give us a call. We can evaluate your home or business to see if a heat pump is a good fit for meeting your heating and cooling needs.

How Often Should Your Heat Pump Receive Maintenance? 

Heat pumps require a twice per year maintenance schedule. In the springtime the coolant side of unit is serviced so that it can remain reliable for keeping your home air conditioned all summer long. In the fall, the units heating side is serviced to prepare the unit for constant heating service throughout the fall, winter and early spring. At each service interval the air handler is also maintained. That level of care is on par with what HVAC systems require. You would also service your AC unit in the spring and your furnace in the fall. In that way, a heat pump does not require more service than an HVAC unit.

We offer exceptional and quality heat pump service throughout the greater Annapolis, MD communities. When we reestablish an energy efficient level, your heat pump remain efficient and reliable. Regular service also helps to improve indoor air quality, even with a new heat pump.

Contact Grove for Heat Pump Installation Services

An energy efficient heat pump helps save money every month and in the long-term on heating and cooling your home. An old unit or an old system will begin to lose efficiency and drive up energy costs.

When you need a new heating or cooling system, turn to the pros at Grove HVAC. We offer traditional heating and modern heating system, including an electric furnace, heat pumps, and exceptional HVAC service. Our highly professional team will do an excellent job of maintaining, repairing, or installing heat pumps. We are available during normal business hours and after via our emergency repair service option.

Give us a call for repair, maintenance, and professional, environmentally friendly service.

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