Heat Pump Repair in Crofton, MD

Crofton, MD Heat Pump Repair

Many homeowners in Maryland have installed heat pumps in their homes. These appliances provide both heating and cooling capabilities which means they are working all year round. When Grove Heating and Cooling installs heat pumps, we help our customers understand all the advantages of proper maintenance and the warning signs of heat pump repairs. When heat pumps are maintained in the spring and fall by our professional technicians, we catch many minor issues and prevent breakdowns. 

If you forgot to schedule maintenance on your heat pump or you have not used our services in the past, Grove offers easy scheduling of any service issues. For emergency repair service, contact our team now. We perform repairs on heat pumps in Crofton, Maryland and the surrounding areas. 

As a local business, Grove Heating and Cooling understands homeowners need safe and reliable heating and cooling systems. When a heat pump is not working properly, you need a solution quickly and affordably. Our friendly support staff will dispatch our technicians to your home as soon as possible. When our technicians arrive at your property, we carefully diagnose the cause of your issue. We also take time to inspect the overall condition of your heat pump. 

While most heat pump repairs are affordable, some major components are expensive and laborious to replace. Since Grove Heating and Cooling places a priority on building relationships with our community and neighbors, we help you make an informed decision. We always advise our customers based on the long-term benefits. 

Since our technicians train on the latest heat pump designs, we are able to offer sound advice on when to repair and when to replace heat pumps. If you have questions, we take the time to listen and provide clear answers. Before any work is done, we explain the repair. Once our work is complete, you can even sign up for a maintenance program to prevent surprise breakdowns in the future.

Heat Pump Repairs Installation

How to Prevent 6 Common Heat Pump Repairs  

Sudden Shutdown

The most common cause for sudden breakdown is dirty filters, clogged lines and electrical issues. Regular maintenance helps keep heat pumps clean and clear of clogs. Since heat pumps have a number of electrical components, professional HVAC technicians at Grove carefully inspect connections and all major components during maintenance. A sudden power outage may trip a circuit, so checking the main switch is wise following a power loss. If your heat pump is still shut down, call on Grove for fast and reliable repairs.

Poor Circulation

If airflow is weak throughout your home, then there may be an issue within the air filter, vents or the air handler. Dirty ducts, clogged air filters and debris within the air handler all may cause poor circulation. Worn belts, damaged fans and faulty motors can also impact airflow. Homeowners can easily check and replace air filters. Beyond this step, calling on our certified and highly skilled technicians is advised.

Short Cycling

Regularly cleaning outdoor units and changing filters is especially important. When components are dirty or airflow is restricted, short cycling may occur. This issue occurs when a heat pump shuts down before the desired temperature setting is achieved. This issue may also occur when refrigerant levels are low or thermostats are faulty. Professional maintenance in the spring and summer keeps heat pumps running well. If you experience short cycling, calling on Grove for professional repairs may be the best course of action. 

Heat Pump Will Not Change Modes 

A heat pump switches between cooling and heating modes. If the temperature in your home is not comfortable, check the thermostat first. Verify that the mode is correct for the season. Often, turning the thermostat off and restarting the thermostat helps. Ultimately, the reverse valve may be faulty. This mechanism will need to be tested and replaced by our team. 

Ice Buildup on Unit

Most modern heat pumps have a number of safety features to prevent damage to major components. This includes shutting down when leaks are detected. Generally, if ice builds up on the heat pump, the system will turn off. Some ice is typical on many air source heat pumps during the winter. These models feature a defrost cycle to reduce buildup. Excessive ice buildup and ice during the warm months most often indicates a leak from the refrigerant or another component. If your heat pump shuts down and you notice ice build up, our team can diagnose and advise on what heat pump repair you need.


If you smell anything unpleasant, you should immediately shut down the heat pump. Foreign objects within your outdoor unit, critters within the system and even biological growth may all present as strange smells first. With the system off, you can inspect for dirt, debris and other clogs around the outside unit. If you cannot identify the source of odors, call Grove. 

Call Grove Heating and Cooling at the First Sign of Trouble

Grove is a local company and takes pride in providing an essential service to our community. When you need a heat pump repair in Crofton, Maryland, rely on a team with your long-term goals in mind. We focus on building long-term relationships with our customers. This is the primary reason we encourage homeowners to call us at the first sign of trouble. When you notice a minor issue and act quickly, Grove can often perform a simple and affordable repair. Waiting or ignoring a problem with your heat pump can lead to a major repair or even a complete system replacement. When you call on Grove, we provide honest and friendly service. 

Proper Maintenance

Avoiding breakdowns and mishaps is ideal. Families throughout our area get busy and heat pump repair is not always a top priority. If you suspect your heat pump is running poorly, let Grove perform simple maintenance. We are experts in heat pumps and train on the latest advancements. Often when we perform tune up services in the spring and fall, homeowners notice an immediate boost in performance and a reduction in energy consumption. These affordable services are also part of our comprehensive maintenance plans. We have carefully designed our service programs to suit every household’s needs. 

Contact Grove Heating and Cooling for Heat Pump Repair

When you need heat pump repair in Crofton, Maryland, count on a local company with top craftsmanship. We are heat pump experts with an eye for detail. We use state-of-the-art equipment and extensive knowledge to quickly restore comfort to your home.

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