HVAC Tips for Daylight Savings Time

It’s time to set the clocks back this weekend!  While most of our technical world has become so automated that even our phones, TVs, computers, and cable reset their own time, don’t forget about your thermostat in Maryland. Daylight savings tips that HVAC systems benefit from center around the thermostat.

Old and outdated thermostats lack an internal clock while, newer, mid-level HVAC thermostats do have a clock, though, it does need its clock adjusted manually. The “newest, latest and greatest” models have the ability to update their time automatically. 

If you are used to waking up or coming home from work with the temperature just right, you might want to check as you get ready for the daylight savings change. Nobody likes to put their feet down on the COLD floor first thing in the morning. Our daylight savings tips, HVAC edition, help you avoid discomfort and increase savings.

HVAC Thermostat Settings in Maryland

If your home is not equipped with a smart or Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, you likely need to adjust its clock manually to ensure temperature schedules activate when you expect them to. As it becomes dark much earlier after the fall back, you may feel colder during your evening hours at home. If changes need to be made for your comfort, make sure you adjust programmed temperature schedules accordingly. As morning comes earlier, you may not feel as cold in the morning and may want to make an adjustment here, too.

Overall, we are about to enter the coldest part of the year – your current thermostat setpoints may not be enough to keep you warm indoors as outside temperatures drop. Daylight savings tips that HVAC systems benefit from include keeping your home at an energy-smart temperature. Adjust your setpoints to maximize efficiency and comfort during the heating season:

  • 68 degrees is a good temperature for energy efficiency and comfort when you are at home and awake.
  • When you’ll be away from home for eight or more hours, set the temperature back 10 degrees. Doing so each day saves you up to 10 percent on annual heating and cooling costs.
  • At night while you sleep is also a good time to make such a significant setback. You’re unlikely to notice it, but if you feel uncomfortable, try adding extra layers of clothing and bedding before you decide to turn up the heat.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Want to implement these daylight saving tips that HVAC systems love without the hassle of thermostat adjustments? Upgrade to a new smart or Wi-Fi programmable thermostat and save energy conveniently!

  • Smart thermostats learn your preferences and monitor occupancy, as well as other factors, to implement settings that save the most energy without dropping comfort. You don’t ever have to adjust temperatures at the thermostat again!
  • While a Wi-Fi thermostat won’t change temperatures for you, it does make temperature programming much simpler. Access your thermostat’s settings through the mobile app or online and make adjustments at your convenience!

Additional Daylight Savings Tips for HVAC Care

Seeing as the daylight savings time fall back happens to be in fall, after you reset your thermostats, take the time to perform these daylight savings tips that HVAC systems need for maintenance this time of year:

  • Check and change your furnace filter
  • Check smoke detectors batteries
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors

Don’t Let the Time Change Throw Off Your Comfort!

To avoid the effects of the time change on your schedule, several experts offer advice like getting a good night’s sleep on Sunday night so that first day back to work is not so hard. Others suggest getting a little more sunlight, producing melatonin. Lastly, others are pushing eating well and exercise to counteract the effects.

We’re hoping you adjust to the time change and stay comfortable this fall and winter – turn to Grove Heating and Cooling for all your HVAC needs in Maryland. Contact us today to schedule service or for help implementing the daylight savings HVAC solutions mentioned above.

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