Do Heat Pumps Need Tune Ups Every Year?

All heating and cooling equipment needs regular tune ups each year, for many important reasons. Heat pump tune ups boost the performance and energy efficiency of the system and counteract wear and tear that cause breakdowns and comfort issues inside the home. 

Maryland homes equipped with heat pumps use this equipment to provide both heating AND cooling throughout the year. As they run double of what a furnace or air conditioner costs, heat pump tune ups are especially important. Do heat pumps need servicing every year? The answer is yes – and then some!

How Often Do Heat Pumps Need Servicing?

For furnaces, boilers and air conditioners that run during heating and cooling season, tune ups are recommended annually. If you properly maintain your HVAC equipment, you see your heating and cooling technician twice each year, but each system receives only one tune up in a year’s time.

Heat pump maintenance needs to be performed more frequently because this unit does two jobs throughout the year – it heats your home in the winter and cools it in the summer. A heat pump needs a tune up twice annually to maintain proper performance and energy efficiency. 

Ideally, your heat pump maintenance is performed by your technician in the spring and in the fall. When you schedule maintenance service at these times, your technician is often able to perform the tune up before it is time to use the system for the coming heating or cooling season. This ensures the heat pump is cared for and able to operate at peak performance and efficiency once temperatures change and you need its help to stay comfortable indoors. 

During maintenance, your technician also assesses the system and identifies problems that hinder operation, so these issues are able to be repaired right away. Problems are fixed so the system runs as expected when it’s time to use it, and you aren’t left without heating or cooling when you need it.

Maintenance Memberships Cover Heat Pump Tune Ups

Heat pump tune ups are often overlooked by Maryland homeowners, as the HVAC system is often out of sight and out of mind until it’s time to use it.

Grove Heating & Cooling’s maintenance membership plans help our customers stay on top of their heat pump’s maintenance needs, season after season! With a maintenance membership, your two yearly heat pump tune ups are covered. Our trained technicians visit in the spring and fall to service your system and provide the care it needs to comfortably carry your household through the coming season.

Maintenance membership comes with many other valuable benefits. We send service reminders so you know when maintenance is needed and offer priority scheduling so your tune ups are completed when it’s most convenient for you! Depending on your level of membership, you’ll receive additional discounts for diagnostics and repairs if you experience a system malfunction, as well as purchase credit that accumulates each year to help when it’s time to replace your equipment.

Schedule Heat Pump Tune Ups with Grove HVAC

Heat pump tune ups are a necessary part of home maintenance. Ensure your heat pump receives the professional care it needs to run safely and efficiently – season after season – when you schedule maintenance service with Grove Heating & Cooling. Contact us today to schedule your heat pump tune up!

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