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Is your Ellicott City, MD, HVAC system performing irregularly? Does it change cycles before reaching the temperature that you have it set for? If so, the problem might be stemming from the thermostat. It could simply be old and outdated. It could need to be recalibrated. Or there could be another issue at hand stopping it from communicating efficiently with the other components of your home’s comfort system.

The good news is that you have a friend in the heating and cooling industry. In fact, you have a whole team of friends. If you believe that your thermostat or another component of your HVAC system needs repair or replacement, trust Grove Heating & Cooling for honest, cost-effective services. With decades of experience, we love helping our friends and neighbors in and around Ellicott City, Maryland.

Thermostat Installation

Does Your Thermostat Need to Be Replaced?

Think of your thermostat as the brain of your HVAC system. Any small disturbance in the system can cause a significant impact on the brain, which results in an irregular environment inside your home. Here are some of the most common signs that you may have an issue with your thermostat:

  • Your thermostat is more than 10 years old
  • You notice a sudden rise in your energy bills
  • Your non-programmable, analog thermostat is inefficient
  • The temperature inside your home is inconsistent and fluctuates often
  • Your thermostat is unable to correctly read the interior temperature in your home

It might also be time for a new thermostat if your HVAC system is short cycling, meaning it turns on and off too quickly without properly heating or cooling your home. If any of these issues sound like what you’re dealing with on a daily basis, call Grove Heating & Cooling today. We’ll send one of our friendly professionals out to assess your situation and offer you honest advice about what steps you need to take to get it fixed.

Advantages of Thermostat Replacement

There are loads of benefits associated with thermostat replacement for home and business owners, including enhanced safety, more comfort, easier operation, saving money, and even gaining the ability to control your HVAC system remotely from just about anywhere in the world.

Having a new thermostat installed enhances the performance of and reduces the risk of damage to your HVAC system. When your thermostat works properly, your HVAC system will work less and therefore incur less wear and tear. This reduces the risk of breakdowns and elongates the life of your home comfort system. And, of course, it saves you money!

Types of Thermostats

Most home and business owners don’t go shopping for a new thermostat very often. If it’s been a number of years since you have been in the market for one, you might be surprised about the new options available. Let’s take a look at the different types of thermostats available today so you will have a better idea of what you need and want.

Non-programmable thermostats

Non-programmable thermostats are very basic. They simply assess the temperature of a given space and adjust the HVAC system to turn on or off. They can also control the system’s fan without engaging the heating or cooling functions.

Programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats are much more capable than their non-programmable countertypes. You can set them to engage or disengage your HVAC system as you desire. For instance, you can program your thermostat to shut off your HVAC system during hours when nobody is home. Or you could set your thermostat to come on 15 minutes before you’re due to arrive home, ensuring that the space is at the proper temperature for your comfort when you arrive.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats step up the action even more than the common programmable type. Smart thermostats can use the current weather conditions to adjust the temperature automatically for increased efficiency and comfort. They can also learn your preferred temperature settings and make adjustments automatically.

Wi-Fi thermostats

Wi-Fi thermostats are smart thermostats that you can control remotely with your smartphone or other smart devices. This makes it very convenient, for instance, if you happen to forget to set your thermostat before going on vacation. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can communicate with your thermostat remotely, instructing it on what to do from wherever you may be.

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