Furnace Repair Services in Gambrills, MD

Gambrills, MD, Furnace Repair

Winters in Gambrills, Maryland can be brutal with below-freezing temperatures, ice and snow. Is your furnace ready to tackle winter?

If your heating system had lingering issues last winter that went unaddressed, now is the time to contact a reputable HVAC company for repair service. Putting off the issue for another winter can lead to a complete system failure on one of the coldest days of the year.

Fortunately, you have a friend in your corner – Grove Heating & Cooling. We’ve provided reliable heating and cooling services, including furnace repair, to the residents of Gambrills, MD and the surrounding area since 2004. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Furnace Repair

Why Work With Grove Heating & Cooling?

It doesn’t matter what make or model of furnace you own or whether it’s gas or electric; Grove’s NATE-certified HVAC technicians are trained to repair all types of furnaces and get them running smoothly and efficiently again.

Our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee ensures 100% satisfaction guarantee and peace of mind knowing that we’ll deliver on our promise to provide fast, accurate and professional service.

As a company dedicated to the well being of our local community, Grove always works with our clients to make well informed decisions. We diagnose many issues including burners, heat exchangers, electrical ignition, wiring, fan belts, fan blower motor and faulty thermostats. Our team understands many homeowners do not understand the inner workings of furnaces. That’s why we take time to answer your questions before performing any repairs.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Gambrills, MD

Grove technicians encounter many major repairs and furnace replacements that could have been prevented. Professional maintenance protects your furnace but there are a number of signs every homeowner should be aware of:

  • Weak airflow from vents could indicate a clogged or dirty air filter, leaky ductwork or an aging and inefficient system. Contact an HVAC company to inspect the system and provide you with options for repair or replacement.
  • Unusual Sounds such as banging, rattling or whistling may indicate a broken, loose or cracked part. Aside from the gentle hum of your furnace running a cycle, furnaces are relatively quiet. Any change in the way your furnace sounds is cause for immediate attention. 
  • High Power Bills occur in colder months but if your usage is  significantly higher than the same time a year ago, there may be an issue. Although a repair is possible depending on the issue, it might make more sense to replace an aging and inefficient furnace with a new, energy-efficient model.
  • Short Cycling occurs when your furnace shuts down before reaching the desired setting on your thermostat. This often results in furnaces turning on and off frequently. This can lead to excess wear and tear, higher energy bills and a shorter lifespan, so it’s important to contact an HVAC provider as soon as you notice short cycling.

Furnace Maintenance Services from Grove Heating & Cooling

The best way to keep your furnace humming all winter long is through regular furnace maintenance service. We recommend a furnace tune up once a year, preferably in the fall before you turn the system on for the first time.

During a furnace tune up, an HVAC technician will inspect the entire furnace for any issues, clean necessary components and calibrate the thermostat. During furnace maintenance, your HVAC technician can also recommend any minor repairs that should be made before they balloon to larger issues.

Grove offers several home maintenance memberships that come with many benefits for a cost-effective yearly fee, including priority scheduling, regular maintenance, substantial discounts on repairs and more!

If you lead a busy life with work and family in Gambrills, MD, HVAC maintenance is often the last thing on your mind. But when you enroll in a maintenance agreement from Grove, we’ll remind you when it’s time for a tune up and work around your busy schedule to set up an appointment that works for you.

Reach Out to Grove for Furnace Repair in Gambrills, MD

If your furnace is acting up – or it hasn’t received maintenance in several years – contact the NATE-certified HVAC technicians at Grove Heating & Cooling for furnace repair or tune up services. We’re proud to provide a full range of heating and cooling services, as well as indoor air quality services, to the residents of Gambrills, Bowie, Crofton and Annapolis, MD. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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