Furnace Repair Services in Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring, MD, Furnace Repair

If your furnace is acting up, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. A broken furnace can make your home cold and uncomfortable and can cost you more than you realize. Malfunctioning furnaces consume more energy, raising your energy bills. Ignoring furnace problems and continuing to use the system can make issues worse, leading to more expensive repairs the longer you wait.

Grove Heating & Cooling has proudly served the Silver Spring, MD community for nearly 20 years. We are fully licensed and insured, and our technicians are certified by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE). When it comes to furnace repair, you can trust that we will get the job done right. We understand the importance of keeping your family warm during the winter, and we will work quickly and efficiently to get your furnace up and running again. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for furnace repair services.

Our Silver Spring, MD Furnace Repair Services

At Grove Heating & Cooling, our experienced technicians are equipped to handle repair jobs for all furnace models and brands. We also offer maintenance packages to help keep your furnace in good working condition and prevent future issues.

Whether you have a gas or electric furnace, our team will troubleshoot the problem and get your heating system up and running as quickly as possible. Common furnace repair issues we address include:

  • Burner
  • Fan Belt Replacement
  • Fan Blade Replacement
  • Blower Motor Replacement
  • Thermostat Recalibration
  • Electrical Ignition
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Air Filters
  • And More!

Furnace Symptoms That Mean It’s Time to Schedule Furnace Repairs

Is your furnace experiencing a problem that requires repair service? It can be tough to tell, especially if you’re not familiar with the different signs your heating system can produce when something’s not right. Here are some of the most common signs that your furnace needs repairs – if you notice any of them in your Silver Spring, MD home, call Grove Heating & Cooling for furnace repair service right away.

The furnace isn’t turning on

The most common reasons a furnace doesn’t turn on is that the pilot light has gone out or the circuit breaker has been tripped, so check these issues if your furnace won’t start. If the pilot light won’t stay lit, there may be a problem with the furnace’s thermocouple. Other possibilities that cause a furnace not to turn on include a broken limit switch or gas supply issues. 

The furnace is making strange noises

If your furnace is making strange noises, such as banging, popping, or squealing, it’s a good idea to have a professional take a look at it. These noises can indicate that there is something wrong with the furnace itself or with one of its parts.

The furnace produces an odd odor

If you notice an unusual smell coming from your furnace, it could be a sign that repairs are needed. A musty smell could indicate that there is mold or mildew present in the unit. A burning smell could be a sign of an electrical issue. If you notice any strange smells coming from your furnace, it’s best to call a qualified technician for an inspection. 

You don’t feel comfortable with the heat in your home.

If you find that you’re not comfortable with the heat in your home, even when the thermostat is set at the temperature you want, it’s possible that there is an issue with your furnace. A professional can help you determine what the problem is and how to fix it.

Your energy bill is higher

If your energy bill is significantly higher than normal, this could be an indication that your furnace is working harder than usual to heat your home due to a problem within the system. You may notice that your furnace is running more often than usual, which can increase your energy bill and be a sign that something is wrong with the furnace.

Request Furnace Repair in Silver Spring, MD

Grove Heating & Cooling offers a wide range of furnace care services for homeowners in Silver Spring, MD. We perform repairs, diagnostics and maintenance to ensure that your furnace is running efficiently and effectively throughout the year.

We have a team of experienced and certified technicians that is committed to providing the highest quality skilled furnace repair service for all equipment brands and models. Rest assured that we will be there when you need us – call Grove Heating & Cooling today for furnace repair in Silver Spring, MD.

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