Gambrills, MD Humidifier Installation

Whole House Humidifiers in Gambrills, MD

Dry air that circulates throughout your home can lead to poor indoor air quality that impacts the health of many families. During the winter months, cold air lacks the moisture of spring and summer weather. This means winters in Gambrills, MD are especially dry. Home design helps hold warm air inside your home and prevents outdoor air from entering. While this can limit how often your HVAC systems run, tightly sealed doors and closed windows don’t allow any air to circulate. Indoor air can be very problematic as it is recirculated and dry. Hiring Grove Heating and Cooling to install a whole house humidifier in your home will improve indoor air quality.

Most homeowners are familiar with portable humidifiers. Using these devices near a bed when family members are ill or to improve comfort within a small room is common. The primary difference between a portable humidifier and the whole house humidifiers offered by Grove is a complete humidifier system installed by Grove that treats every room inside your home. The device mounts directly into your HVAC system. A humidistat monitors the humidity of the air entering your furnace. When humidity levels are lower than your preferred setting, water vapor is added and circulated throughout your home through your furnace. Extremely easy to maintain, durable and effective, Grove installs humidifiers for many homeowners with dry air issues. 

Humidifer Installation

Signs That Your Home Needs a Humidifier

There is a wide range of ideal humidity levels depending on the season. When Grove installs a whole house humidifier in Gambrills, MD, the recommended range for relative indoor humidity range is 30-50%. The lower the percentage, the drier air will feel. Our systems can be set and adjusted to suit your preferences.

The humidistat within a whole house system monitors the humidity. If you think your home is dry, you can purchase an inexpensive humidistat and test it to verify your suspicion. Calling Grove is the best choice because we have state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate your entire home and design a plan to restore comfort. Frankly, most homeowners don’t need a test to know whether dry air is affecting their homes. 

Winter weather is notoriously dry, causing many symptoms and exasperating the discomfort of your family. Just like a furnace protects your family from the harsh cold, a whole house humidifier protects against ailments. There are a number of common signs of low humidity within your home. If you experience any of these issues, consider contacting our team:

  • High thermostat settings but limited comfort
  • Static electricity along rugs and carpets
  • Irritated eyes and itchy skin
  • Dry, cracked and chapped lips
  • Scratchy throat and persistent cough
  • Dry nostrils and bloody noses
  • Cracked wood surfaces, chipped cabinets and warped hardwood floors

Benefits of Whole House Humidifiers

If you’ve identified any of the warning signs of dry air and think a humidifier could be the solution, consider all the benefits and how ideal relative humidity helps. You may not just improve the comfort and appearance of your home; installing a humidifier with Grove may improve your long-term health and finances.

Wood Surfaces

Maintaining the proper level of moisture means a longer life span and a better appearance of wood surfaces. Tables, cabinets, flooring and furniture are more prone to cracking, chipping and warping when humidity levels are erratic. Maintaining humidity in your home protects expensive home surfaces and decor.

Hair and Skin

Are family members complaining about dry hair and itchy skin? Dry air robs your skin of natural oils. The impact can range from irritating to serious. When lips crack and irritated noses bleed, a quick consultation with Grove will provide healing and enduring comfort.

Allergy Relief

Dust, debris and allergens impact many family members. Higher humidity within your home helps allergen sufferers. The inflammation of allergies can be lessened due to higher humidity and increased moisture present in the air.

Immune Support

During cold and flu season, your immune system needs all the help you can offer. When your mucous membranes are irritated, you are more prone to germs and viruses. Dry air affects how you breathe including snoring, coughing and stuffy noses that interrupt sleep. Installing a whole house humidifier does not guard against the cold and flu but it may transform your home into a harbor from the harsh conditions of Maryland winters.

Why Choose Grove Heating and Cooling?

If you’ve been considering adding a whole home humidifier to your home, don’t wait. This can be a life-changing improvement for you and your family. At Grove Heating and Cooling, we’ve been in the business of helping homeowners with their HVAC systems for many years. Let us help you too. Our skilled and highly trained technicians can help you find the perfect humidification solution for your Gambrills, MD home and lifestyle.

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