What Are the Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance?

Maryland homeowners know buying a new heating and cooling system doesn’t come cheap. When making a significant investment in home comfort, it’s important to recognize your financial commitment shouldn’t stop after a purchase is made. If you never change your car’s oil for years after buying a vehicle, you can’t expect it to run well – the same goes for your heating and cooling units. Regular HVAC maintenance keeps it in top shape over its many years of service to your family.

HVAC system maintenance impacts your family, your financials, and the world around you. A small investment in heating and cooling tune ups each year delivers the following benefits:

More Money in Your Pocket

For the amount you spend on HVAC tune ups, the savings produced by this service is unmatched!

Lower Utility Expenses

Did you know home heating is responsible for about half the average U.S. home’s energy costs each year? In a typical detached, single-family home, heating accounts for 46 percent of annual energy consumption; air conditioning uses about eight percent of the home’s total energy. 

HVAC maintenance plays a big role in a household’s annual energy consumption. A heating or cooling tune up addresses wear and tear as well as other problematic conditions affecting the system that force the equipment to use excess energy. When the equipment functions at peak energy efficiency thanks to regular maintenance, energy use can be lowered significantly and generates noticeable savings on utility bills.

Avoid Repair and Early System Replacement Costs

Preventive maintenance for HVAC systems generates real savings in more ways than one. Regular maintenance counteracts wear and tear while allowing problematic conditions to be discovered and corrected before significant damage results. Your annual tune ups prevent system breakdowns that result in labor and replacement part costs. Maintenance helps the equipment last longer, so you don’t have to fork over thousands of dollars for a new system sooner than what should be needed.

Protect Your Warranty

If repairs are needed, regular  HVAC preventative maintenance comes into play where your equipment warranty is concerned. Most HVAC manufacturers stipulate in their equipment warranties that systems must receive annual maintenance service performed by a professional. If you skip a tune up, you could invalidate your warranty and be on the hook for expenses that would have been covered by the system warranty.

Optimal Indoor Comfort

Your family’s comfort is a critical consideration in the importance of having HVAC tune ups performed. This service helps your heating and cooling system deliver a controlled, comfortable environment inside your home.

Steady Performance Equals Unmatched Comfort

Maintenance works to ensure HVAC systems operate correctly, efficiently, and reliably. All components work together to deliver precision temperature control and even air distribution throughout the home. Family members experience better comfort in all areas of the home, and troublesome hot or cold spots are eliminated when your heating and cooling system runs as it was built to.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Better indoor air quality is a key part of the importance of HVAC maintenance. Tune ups ensure filters are clear and coils cleaned, reducing the opportunity for contaminants to recirculate into your living areas. Without the necessary cleaning performed during maintenance, your HVAC system can be a source of health issues for your family. Mold and bacteria can develop within heating and cooling equipment and travel into your home via air circulation.

Environmentally Beneficial

Controlling your household’s HVAC energy consumption is also good for the environment. An efficient HVAC system means your family is responsible for lower fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Ensuring all system components are in good shape is another facet of the importance of HVAC maintenance. Tune ups include inspection of refrigerant lines and measurement of refrigerant charge to assess for leaks. Many air conditioners that use Freon are still in service today, despite the shift to a safer R-410A refrigerant. A hydrochlorofluorocarbon, Freon, or R-22, can cause ozone layer depletion when leaked into the environment. HVAC maintenance provides the opportunity for leaks to be prevented or caught early on to limit environmental risks. 

Grove Heating & Cooling Understands the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

A well-maintained HVAC system is exponentially beneficial for our customers. We aim to make maintenance easy for homeowners throughout Maryland with maintenance membership plans and easy tune up scheduling. Contact us today to schedule your next maintenance tune up!

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