Laurel, MD Heat Pump Installation

Grove Provides Top-Rated Laurel, MD, Heat Pump Installation Services

Heat pumps are highly efficient systems that are capable of providing both heating and cooling from the same unit. If it is time to replace your HVAC consider going with a heat pump installation services in Laurel, MD. Heat and cooling pumps do not burn fossil fuel to function. They do use electricity, but there is no open flame to make hot or cold air. Give Grove HVAC a call to discuss whether a heat pump system is right for your Laurel MD home.

Signs That You Should Replace Your Heat Pump

The Pump is 10-15 Years Old

While heat pumps are very reliable as they age, like other heating or cooling appliances, they can require replacement. A heat pump that is over ten years old may be fixable or it may need replacement. Our HVAC services Tech can give you the repair or installation services option for your unit.

A Replacement is Cheaper Than Repairs

At some point in the heat pump’s lifecycle it will begin to require more repairs more frequently. When it hits that stage the cost of repairing it is like throwing money out the window.

Replacing it is a better investment and you end up with a new system that you can fully rely on to keep your warm in winter and cool in summer.

Lower Energy Efficiency

When your heat pump loses efficiency it costs more to heat and cool your Laurel MD home. Heat pump installation not only replaces your heating system but also the new unit is modern and energy efficient.

Lack of Heat or AC

A heat pump heats and cools. When it is unable to do one or the other, and a repair call cannot fix it, the unit must be replaced.

A new heat pump is a heating system and cooling system all in one unit. Grove HVAC offers heat pump installation for Laurel MD and the surrounding communities.

We offer residential and commercial services for you water heater, heat pump, heating system and air conditioners.

Highly Efficient Heating and AC

Heat pumps are highly recommended because they are so energy efficient. People who switch from a more traditional HVAC system often are surprised that their energy bills drop.

The reason for the change in energy cost is that a heat pump system – does both cooling and heating – does not burn fossil fuel to produce warm air. Instead, it uses a little bit of electricity to compress coolant which when compressed becomes hot.

That change in chemistry helps the heat pump to create heated air making the system much more efficient.

Heat pump appliances are also very green – they are good for the environment because they do not use fossil fuels. They will help reduce the carbon footprint of your Laurel MD home.

Financing Options for Your New Heat Pump

Grove HVAC has financing options. We know that having to unexpectedly pay for a new heating or cooling appliance is a big deal. Sometimes it is such a big deal that your budget is not able to handle the cost.

We work with Wells Fargo Bank to offer financing based on approval of credit. Wells Fargo offers special rates and the application is a little different from a traditional credit card application.

If you need help covering the costs of a new heat pump installation, you can apply online by visiting our website. The process is private and you can apply from the comfort of your home.

The financing through Wells Fargo is good for installation services and equipment including for your AC Unit, HVAC system, and other heating and cooling appliances.

Heat Pump Installation in Laurel, MD

When it is time to replace the heating appliance in your Laurel MD home or business, consider the highly skilled and experienced professional team at Grove’s HVAC services. We offer full installation services for all heating and cooling appliances and recommend heat pump installation for most Laurel, Maryland homes.

Grove HVAC is your locally owned heating and cooling company. Our professional team includes a heating and cooling contractor for each job. Our customers appreciate the personal touch we add to every service we offer. From full installation to routine maintenance, we are here to provide professional, quality work, and honesty at every step of the process.

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