Humidifier Installation in Laurel, MD

Whole House Humidifiers in Laurel, MD

The winters in Laurel, Maryland get especially cold, and homeowners wisely seal windows and doors to protect warm air from escaping their HVAC systems. Winter air is already dry and furnaces remove more moisture, leaving indoor air quality especially dry.

To combat this dry air, homeowners benefit from installing a whole house humidifier in Laurel, Maryland. A whole house humidifier is a great addition to many homes, and Grove Heating and Cooling has the expertise to help you improve your indoor air quality. When you contact Grove, our talented team will help you learn how a whole house humidifier may prevent health issues and avoid damage within your home.    

Home Humidifier

How Does a Humidifier Work?

Humidifiers improve indoor air quality by circulating moisture through the air as it passes through the furnace or air handler system. A humidifier is quite simple to operate. The device mounts into your HVAC system. Within the humidifier is a humidistat. Monitoring the relative humidity within the air circulating into your furnace, the humidistat triggers the humidifier when the air is too dry. Water is added to the air through droplets or vapor which increases your home’s relative humidity. Humidity levels can be controlled using the humidistat to create a custom level of comfort to suit your preferences and the needs of your household. Especially in the winter, as heated air removes moisture, humidifiers help prevent a variety of issues associated with dry air. 

Many people opt for individual room humidifiers, but portable units can be burdensome. Tanks have to be refilled and cleaned, wicks need to be replaced and many smaller units do not monitor the relative humidity using a humidistat. It’s common for small humidifiers to grow mold if they are not maintained properly. If you have several rooms that have small humidifiers, you are using an excessive amount of electricity without forming an ideal solution.

Whole house humidifiers, on the other hand, are installed directly into your cooling and heating systems. This allows you to humidify many rooms in your home at once. No water tank changes are required and very little additional energy is needed because these systems use your furnace to circulate the air. 

Why Choose Grove Heating and Cooling?

Grove Heating and Cooling is a local business driven by the goals of serving our neighbors. We treat every customer with care, listening to your concerns and providing easy-to-understand answers. Our technicians focus on you before any work is completed. Once your new humidifier is installed, we test all operations, calibrate the system and demonstrate all functions with you. Since these systems last for many years, our team stands behind our work providing complete maintenance options and repairs on all heating, cooling and indoor air quality systems. 

How Do You Know Whether You Need a Humidifier?

You can always consult with the experts at Grove. We can help you identify the best way to improve indoor air quality. Generally, the ideal humidity level varies both seasonally and regionally. For Laurel, an ideal relative indoor humidity range is 30-50%. During spring and summer, high humidity levels can lead to issues like mold and mildew growth. Many basements and crawl spaces benefit from dehumidifiers during these months. When temperatures drop in the fall and winter, humidity levels fall. 

Winter weather is notoriously dry, causing many symptoms and exasperating the discomfort of your family. Just like a furnace protects your family from the harsh cold, a whole house humidifier protects against health ailments. There are a number of common signs of low humidity within your home. If you experience any of these issues, consider contacting our team:

  • Increased static electricity on fabric surfaces, furniture and clothing
  • Itchy skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Scratchy throat
  • Persistent cough
  • Dry nostrils and sinuses

Humidistats are small devices that measure the relative humidity of a space. If you want to test the conditions within your home, these are affordable and simple to use. The best course of action if you have symptoms is to call on Grove. 

What Are the Benefits of a Humidifier?

There are simple solutions to all of these signs of dry air. Adding a humidifier balances the moisture levels within your home. The greatest advantage of a whole house humidifier is treating all of the air within your home. While small units are very effective in limited areas, a complete system is surprisingly affordable and far more effective. Common ailments like dry skin and aggravated nasal passages are often relieved. There are a number of other benefits:

  • Reducing allergy symptoms
  • Protecting wood surfaces, flooring and furniture
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lowering energy bills

How Grove Helps You Choose a Humidifier

With Grove Heating and Cooling, you can trust your humidifier will be matched to the needs of your home, the goals of your family and installed with quality craftsmanship. More than 50 million Americans experience seasonal allergies and 25 million Americans are diagnosed with asthma. Humidifiers do not simply provide comfort during dry months; they may improve the health of your family members.

Grove Heating and Cooling offers a number of humidifiers, and as a local company, we are experts in matching the right system to your home. We will answer all your questions and pay specific attention to solving key issues affecting your family. Call on our team for a whole house humidifier installation in Laurel, MD. We will listen to your concerns, evaluate your home and provide a recommendation customized to you.

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