Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Annapolis, MD

Why Trust Grove with Emergency 24/7 AC Repair

Air conditioners never malfunction when it’s convenient! An air conditioner breakdown can leave you without cooling on the hottest day of the year (or right before guests are set to arrive). Grove Heating and Cooling is a 24-hour HVAC company. We are dedicated to helping you find a solution to your air conditioning emergency 24/7. 

Just about any air conditioning issue can become a full-blown emergency. No matter when you call us, our licensed and experienced HVAC professionals are always ready to assist you in a courteous and friendly manner. Customer service is our #1 priority, even overnight!

Do I Need Emergency Repair Service?

Here are the most common problems worthy of calling Maryland’s leading HVAC company for emergency air conditioner repair:

  • The air conditioner won’t turn on: Make sure the unit is receiving power. Examine the circuit breakers and see if any are tripped. Set the thermostat to “cool” and see what happens. If this doesn’t work, schedule emergency AC repair to get the air flowing again.
  • The air conditioner shuts off prematurely: This could mean the system is overheating, preventing it from completing a full cycle before the failsafe kicks in and shuts off the AC.
  • The air conditioner runs, but the air feels lukewarm: Set the thermostat to “auto” and turn the temperature down. Wait for the AC to come on, and if the air exiting the supply registers still feels warm, schedule emergency AC repair.
  • The air conditioner smells or sounds strange: From pungent or musty odors to grating or squealing sounds, these signs mean something’s wrong. Shut off your AC, and call Grove immediately!

Reliable AC Repairs When You Need It!

From the professionalism of our HVAC technicians to the dedication of our field personnel, we are committed to delivering you the best emergency AC repair service. You trust us to do our job, and we are eager to exceed your expectations!

Special Financing

Need help with the cost of your HVAC service? Not a problem!

Customer Reviews

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Our AC went out when temps were 94 degrees. I called other companies and the soonest other companies could come out was 5 days later! I called Grove and they ask if I wanted them to come out today. I was so thankful they could come out so quickly.

– Michelle V.

Grove was prompt and courteous and explained the problems fully. They also gave us pointers to increase the efficiency of our system. We will certainly share our good experiences with our friends and neighbors. We are happy to recommend your company to anyone. Thanks for being here for us.

– Judith G.

Our AC stopped working on a Saturday. We called around to a lot of places and they couldn’t get anyone out until Monday or Tuesday. Grove scheduled us for an “anytime” appointment with the promise that someone would call us 15-20 minutes before they arrived. He did the repair and gave us some suggestions for maintenance as well. He was professional and personable. We will be signing up for a service plan with Grove as soon as possible!

– Crystal H.
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