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Heat pumps are highly efficient HVAC systems that are capable of providing both heating and cooling. Our heat pump installation services in Annapolis, MD make it easy to change the type of heating and cooling equipment you have. If it is time to replace your AC or furnace, then now is the time to consider the incredible benefits of a quality heat pump. Contact us today to learn more about heat pumps or to schedule an appointment for heat pump installation.

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps are a type of heating and cooling system that moves heat from one location to another. Unlike furnaces that rely on burning fuel to produce heat, heat pump systems utilize electricity to transfer heat. During the winter, heat pumps capture heat from the outside environment or underground and transfer it to the indoor air, successfully providing warmth to the living space. During the summer, the process operates in reverse, as heat pumps absorb heat from the indoor air and release it outdoors, resulting in a cool and comfortable living environment.Grove Heating & Cooling offers installation service for air-source and geothermal heat pumps.

When Should Your Replace Your Heat PumpI Get My Heat Pump Replaced in Maryland?

At Grove HVAC, we provide complete consultations including whether you need to replace your system or repair a heat pump in Annapolis.

The system is 10-15 Years Old

A unit that is over 10 years old is approaching the end of its lifecycle and may be operating inefficiently or breaking down more frequently, leading to more repairs. A new heat pump system installation will operate far more efficiently which will save on energy costs.

Cost to Replace is Cheaper Than Repairs

At some point, all HVAC equipment becomes too expensive to repair. When the cost of repairs is not a great investment anymore, consider replacing the unit. Instead of using the money toward an expensive repair, invest it in a new HVAC system.

Greater Energy Consumption

Older units tend to run far less efficiently, costing you more money each month to heat and cool your home or business. Replacing an older unit that is not efficient will help reduce your monthly energy bills.

Lack of Heat or AC

Consider replacing your heat pump if it is no longer providing heating or cooling or the airflow is weak. It is important that your Annapolis, MD home be comfortable all year long. A new cooling and heating system will be more reliable and energy efficient. New heat pumps also make it easy to control the ambient indoor temperature of your home.

Maryland Heat Pump Installation Done Right

Contact Grove Heating and Cooling today to get a quote on new heat pump installation. We offer a wide selection of equipment with great financing options.

We also back our work with exceptional maintenance services to keep your system running worry-free for years.

Our Trane Heat Pump Offerings



Trane XR Product Family

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Trane XLi Product Family

Product #XL16i


Heat pumps are known for how efficient they are. When you switch to a heat pump system, you will notice lower heating and cooling costs. This is because heat pumps do not burn gas or oil like a furnace, as they only rely on electricity.

They are also more environmentally friendly and will help reduce your home’s carbon footprint. If energy usage is something that you are concerned with, a heat pump is an excellent investment.


If you recently bought a heat pump HVAC system, it only makes sense to protect your new investment with regular maintenance service. Since heat pumps provide both heating and cooling for year-round comfort, you should have a tune-up performed before the cooling season and before the heating season. Contact Grove Heating & Cooling today to learn more about our preventative maintenance plans.


Grove Heating & Cooling offers financing for heat pump installation and replacement. We work with Wells Fargo Bank through their home repair credit card which can help pay for the cost of replacing or installing a new heat pump system.

The benefits of our financing options include monthly payments and special financing rates. The process is based on the approval of credit, but the standards are lower for home improvements. You can apply online through our website. The process is fast and private.


Our heat pump services include full heat pump repair, maintenance, and installation and replacement. As your local heat pump service experts, we have the expertise to install your new heat pump correctly the first time.

Grove is committed to your year-round comfort and offers preventative maintenance service so you can protect your investment. For heat pump installation service, contact Grove Heating & Cooling. Our heat pump experts can help you find the best heat pump and install it for you. Our heating and air conditioning service experts also offer heat pump repair service and heat pump maintenance.

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The service technician was excellent. He answered all my questions in detail and provided me a good assessment of the heat pump and parts of my AC system. I will call Grove again when I need and would recommend them highly!

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Good service and gave a great deal on a new Trane Heat Pump system when compared to others. Job well done!!

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Customer service is top notch. From the initial phone call to the service technicians to the maintenance, it’s the trust I have in Grove that will keep me coming back to them now and in the future.

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