What is the Most Common AC Part to Repair in Annapolis, MD?

Annapolis, Maryland, can experience some scorching hot summers, making it important for local homeowners to be prepared for anything. Paying attention to the condition of your air conditioning system is crucial. This way, if something goes wrong, you can communicate with a technician that much better. But what parts typically have the most trouble?

Grove Heating & Cooling, a family-owned local HVAC contractor, has been serving the wonderful people of Annapolis and the surrounding area for over 15 years. If you want to know the most common AC part to repair in Annapolis, MD, we have your answer! Keep reading to learn the most common AC problems we see each summer.

Top 6 Most Common AC Parts to Repair in Annapolis, MD

When it comes to air conditioning repair in Annapolis, MD, certain parts are more prone to issues than others.


The compressor is the key player in your air conditioning system, responsible for circulating refrigerant and ensuring your home stays cool. An overheating compressor can cause the AC unit to fail. AC technicians from Grove can diagnose compressor issues by checking for refrigerant leaks, electrical problems, or mechanical failures. If needed, we can replace the compressor to restore your cooling system’s efficiency.


Capacitors help start the compressor and fan motors in your AC unit. Over time, they can wear out, leading to frequent breakdowns of cooling systems. Common signs of faulty capacitors include difficulty starting the AC system, frequent tripping of circuit breakers, and warm air blowing from the vents. Grove technicians replace faulty capacitors to ensure your air conditioner operates properly.

Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant lines are crucial for the cooling process. Leaks in these lines can lead to low refrigerant levels, causing your AC to blow warm air. Refrigerant leaks are common issues that Grove technicians address by locating and sealing the leaks and recharging the system with the correct amount of refrigerant.

Condensate Drain Lines

When air conditioners run, they produce condensation that needs to be cleared away. Clogged condensate drain lines in AC units can cause water to back up and overflow, leading to water damage and mold growth. As a part of our AC repair services, Grove technicians clean and clear clogged drain lines to prevent any water-related issues.


While less common, the issue might lie with your thermostat, not the AC systems themselves. A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to irregular cooling or trouble keeping your desired temperature, making your home uncomfortable and potentially raising your energy bills. Grove’s HVAC technicians are experts in diagnosing AC problems and will assess your thermostat’s performance. If a replacement is needed, we’ll handle that too, ensuring your entire air conditioning system operates smoothly and delivers the cool comfort you expect.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils play an important role in absorbing heat from the air inside your home. When these coils freeze, they can’t function properly, resulting in reduced cooling efficiency. This freezing can often be caused by restricted airflow due to dirty air filters or blocked vents. Grove technicians tackle this AC repair by cleaning or replacing dirty air filters and ensuring that airflow is unrestricted.

What if My AC Can’t Be Repaired?

Sometimes, repairs aren’t the best option, especially for older units or those with severe damage. These repairs can add up quickly, meaning you’re making a significant investment into a system nearing the end of its lifespan.

Replacing your AC unit with a new, energy-efficient model can save you money on future bills and keep your home cool and comfortable. Grove Heating & Cooling offers financing options to make buying a new air conditioner more affordable. Contact us today to learn more about your AC replacement options.

Prevention is Key: Regular Maintenance for Long-lasting Comfort

The best defense against these AC troubles is regular maintenance on your system. You can help by keeping the area around your outdoor unit clear of debris and changing your air filters regularly. However, yearly air conditioning tune ups performed by a qualified HVAC technician are highly recommended. These tune ups ensure your entire cooling system is operating efficiently and can identify potential AC repairs before they lead to a breakdown.

Grove Heating & Cooling offers an HVAC maintenance plan that covers both your cooling and heating systems. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your home’s air conditioning system and heater, help you save money on repairs and higher energy bills, and keep your home comfortable year-round. Schedule your AC maintenance service today!

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