Odenton, MD Heat Pump Installation

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Heat pumps address two needs with a single solution. They represent a the same answer that an HVAC system does – they heat and cool but with one big difference – They are one unit. Where an HVAC is comprised of an AC unit and a furnace, the heat pump is just one unit that uses compression to produce hot and cold air. These are highly efficient units and they do not burn fossil fuels to produce heating and cooling for your home.

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When Should You Replace Your Heat Pump?

When you need to replace a heating and cooling system, you can consider going to a heat pump when:

Poor Efficiency

The unit is working too hard to cool or warm your home. A heating and cooling appliance with poor efficiency drives up your monthly heating bill and can use excess oil or gas. A heat pump is highly efficient if your Odenton MD home needs reliable heating and cooling go with a new heat pump installation.

Low Airflow

If the cooling or heating system has low airflow, the problem may be several things. It could be that there is an issue with ducting for your HVAC system. It could also be that the fan and blower are not working properly. If the unit has needed repairs in the past, it might be time for replacement services and a new heat pump. Grove HVAC is your locally owned heat pump specialist. We service, maintain, repair, and install heat pumps.

Loud Noises

Heat pumps are very quiet. They have an outdoor unit and an indoor air regulator. If your heating and cooling appliance is making loud noises, it needs to be inspected. If the unit needs replacement, Grove HVAC can offer heat pump installations and full customer satisfaction.

High Energy Costs

When the cost of heating or cooling your home becomes noticeably higher, the cause might be the heating or cooling appliance. Heat pump repair can sometimes put the heat pump back into factory specs. If your home does not have a heat pump, now is a good time to consider heat pump installation services for your Odenton MD home or business.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

A heat pump is a single unit that can create warm air or cool air. The process works by compressing a coolant. When compressed the coolant heats up and when the compression decreases the coolant becomes frigid. It is one unit with two sides.

A traditional HVAC system is two units. It is the furnace unit and an air conditioner. The AC burns electricity to produce cold air. The furnace burns gas to create hot air. A heat pump, on the other hand does not burn fossil fuel to create hot air. It uses a small amount of electricity. For this reason, heat pump repair is not a constant need. A heat pump requires two seasonal maintenance service calls – one for the heating side and one for the cooling side.

Because a heat pump is so efficient, it can lower your heating costs, which helps you save money. They are very reliable units so repair calls are fewer. They are easily one of the most reliable heating cooling equipment for Maryland. Grove HVAC offers top models and our company works with homeowners and businesses throughout the Odenton, MD community.

Maintenance to Increase Efficiency and Lifespan

Sometimes you hear that a heat pump system requires two seasonal maintenance service calls per year. They do. They need one for the heating unit and one for the cooling unit. That is on par with an HVAC system where you would need a maintenance call for the AC and one for the furnace.

Quality maintenance is what you get with Grove HVAC. When you call our company, a certified technician will come and maintain your heat pump. We give you a free estimate, and all of the options you need so you can make an informed decision about heat pump repairs. Heat pump systems are very appropriate for MD homes. If you need a reliable heater or cooling appliance, a heat pump is an amazing investment. Give us a call for service or for emergency service.

Heat Pump Installation Services in Odenton, MD

When you heat pump is beyond repair, Grove HVAC offers installation service throughout Odenton MD and the surrounding communities. We can install a new heat pump in your home or business. We offer professional installation for furnaces, heat pumps, AC, and water heaters too. Our courteous staff will come by your house at the set appointment time and complete the job correctly the first time. If you need a service request or an after-hours emergency service call, give us a call. Our customers appreciate that we are on point for quality work.

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