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Odenton homeowners rely on their water heaters to produce hot water for many uses. For example, we need hot water for showers, doing dishes and running dishwashers, doing laundry, cooking, and other chores. When hot water issues occur, it impacts the quality of our daily life. It is uncomfortable to take cold showers. The laundry may not get as clean as when we use hot water. Doing dishes takes longer and may require boiling water on the stove. Call Grove Heating and Cooling for fast and accurate hot water repair or installation when you have hot water issues. 

Is a Tankless or Traditional Water Heater Better for Your Home?

Tankless and traditional water heaters work differently, but produce a similar result. Which type is better for your home?

Tankless Water Heaters

When you need a lot of hot water quickly, a tankless water heater is ideal. They produce on-demand hot water with an almost unlimited supply. That’s different from a traditional water heater that has a reservoir of hot water, but once that water is gone, a new tank of water must heat up before it becomes “hot water.”

The life span of a tankless water heater is about five years longer than the lifespan of a traditional water heater. That fact is due to there being fewer parts in a tankless water heater and also because repairs are straightforward. 

If you have a traditional water heater and have a problem having enough hot water, consider installing a tankless water heater as an additional unit. In places like the master bathroom, a tankless water heater can provide plenty of hot water in the morning for showers or anytime you want a long, relaxing soak in a tub. 

Traditional Water Heaters

Traditional water heaters are those water heaters with tanks and a heating element or burner that produce a tank full of hot water. They are an essential part of most households. The advantage of using a traditional water heater is that one unit can provide all the hot water a home needs. 

Traditional water heaters have a life cycle of six-fifteen years, and the actual span depends on how well the unit is maintained. Therefore, traditional water heaters need annual maintenance to keep the working parts in good shape. 

If you choose one type of water heater over another, consider how much hot water you need and whether those needs will change. For example, if your family is growing, you may need more hot water down the road. 

On the other hand, you may need less hot water if your kids are going off to college. A tankless system is an excellent way to deal with the changing needs of your household and hot water usage. Grove Heating and Cooling is here to help install your new water heater or add a tankless water heater to your existing system. 

Installations and Replacements from Grove

We provide excellent water heater installation services for existing systems or when you are adding a new system to your home. Our installation services begin with pairing the right hot water heater to your home or business. The unit needs to be large enough to handle all your hot water needs. 

The solution may be a blended approach to heating water, such as a tankless system for some applications and a traditional water heater for the remainder of the house. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians offer exceptional workmanship, and their deep knowledge of water heaters and systems makes installing a new system in your home fast, accurate, and efficient. 

We offer our customers a variety of financing options to help cover the expense of purchasing and installing a new water heater, and all of our work is guaranteed. Contact us today for water heater replacement services.

Get the Most Out of Your Water Heater

Annual maintenance is the key to extending the unit’s life span. Maintenance helps keep the heating element or burner clean and functioning at peak efficiency. Maintenance is also the key to keeping the tank in top shape and free of mineral buildup or corrosion. Maintenance is also the way to avoid repairs. When repairs are needed, having the work done quickly means less downtime. 

When it comes to water heater installation, Grove is your best option. We provide exceptional installation services. Because our water heater technicians are certified and experienced, they do the job right the first time.

Schedule Odenton, MD Water Heater Installation Services

Call on the expertise of Grove Heating and Cooling for all of your water heater needs. We offer exceptional heating, cooling, and hot water heater services throughout the Odenton, MD community. From our experienced and certified plumbers to the quality parts and units we install, you can rely on Grove to do the job right the first time, remain reliable and on time, and provide you with quality, honest work. Call today to start service.

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