How to Fight Fall Allergies Indoors

If there are allergy sufferers in your Bowie, Maryland, area home, you know how important it is to prevent fall allergies indoors. The right HVAC and indoor air quality solutions help you create a comfortable indoor environment largely free of the common allergens that trigger allergy symptoms. Grove Heating & Cooling helps you fight back!

Fall Allergens in Maryland

During the fall season, ragweed pollen is the primary allergen affecting allergy sufferers across Maryland. Ragweed plants begin to pollinate late in the summer and continue through September or October depending on outdoor temperatures. Mold is another common allergen in the fall. As leaves are raked up, their damp piles create opportunities for mold growth.

Unfortunately, these outdoor allergens don’t stay outside. We track them into our homes on our shoes and clothes, invite them in through open windows – even the family dog brings allergens inside on their fur! When these allergens are introduced indoors, they accumulate to higher concentrations because homes are tightly sealed and lack the natural ventilation of the outdoor environment. While diminishing your home’s air quality, these allergens affect allergy sufferers greatly while inside the home. 

Adding these outdoor allergens to the typical indoor dust mites and pet dander that might already be in your home, you can be exposed to higher allergen concentrations inside versus out. Homeowners must find methods to eliminate them indoors or remove them once inside to prevent fall allergy symptoms.

Prevent Fall Allergies with HVAC Help

You can prevent and remove seasonal allergies by using the right HVAC services and indoor air quality solutions. You may not be able to prevent outdoor allergens from entering your home, but you can use your HVAC system to greatly reduce the allergen concentration in your living areas. Let’s discuss how homeowners can go about limiting indoor allergens.

Heating System Maintenance

Heating systems such as furnaces, boilers and heat pumps need tune ups in the fall. One element of a tune up is  cleaning interior HVAC equipment. While protecting the sensitive components housed within your furnace or air handler, removing contaminants from equipment prevents indoor allergies from being reintroduced to the air supply and circulated throughout the home.

Indoor allergens can settle inside HVAC equipment as circulating air is conditioned. As air continuously moves through the system, these particles can be picked back up again and carried throughout the home via the air supply. Removing contaminant inside equipment through an annual tune up prevents allergen particles from recirculating through your home while lowering the amount of allergen particles indoors.

Filtration and Air Cleaners

Furnace filters trap contaminants to prevent their buildup inside HVAC equipment, while air cleaners provide advanced filtration to remove allergen particles and other airborne contaminants from the air supply for the benefit of improved indoor air quality. Using highly efficient filters, media air cleaners trap microscopic pollen particles and other indoor allergens as air circulates through the HVAC system, completely removing them from your living areas because they cannot circulate back. High-efficiency filtration is a great tool to prevent fall allergies in homes with those who experience severe symptoms, as they remove up to 99.97 percent of airborne particulates!

Air Purification

Prevent fall allergies caused by mold inside the home with UV light air purifiers for your heating and air conditioning system. As mold spores circulate through the heating system and pass under the air purifier, ultraviolet light emissions neutralize the spores, preventing the irritations caused on contact as well as their ability to replicate within the home. The benefits of UV air purifiers extend beyond fall – prevent fall allergies and help control the spread of viruses when winter cold and flu season arrives!

Prevent Fall Allergies with Grove

Grove Heating & Cooling helps Bowie area homeowners ease allergy and asthma symptoms their loved ones experience each fall through effective HVAC and home air quality solutions. Prevent fall allergies when you consult with our Indoor Air Quality experts. Contact us today for more information.

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