Whole House Humidifiers in Silver Spring, MD

Whole House Humidifiers in Silver Spring, MD

Grove Heating and Cooling is on a mission to protect the comfort, health and safety of homeowners in Silver Spring, Maryland. As a local business, we understand the impact of weather on indoor air quality. When temperatures drop in the fall and winter, dry air has a profound influence on your well-being. Symptoms of dry air include exacerbating asthma and allergies and prolonging the risks of viruses. A humidifier helps to restore humidity levels and defend against some of the most common ailments associated with Maryland winters.

Just like a furnace protects your family against the extreme cold outside, indoor air quality products from Grove creates a defense against dry air, bacteria, allergens, dust and other irritants within your indoor air. We offer a comprehensive suite of indoor air quality products including air cleaners, air purifiers, smart thermostats, dehumidifiers and humidifiers.

Whole Home Humidifiers

What Does a Humidifier Do?

A humidifier adds moisture to the air either through water vapor or evaporation. The most familiar humidifiers are tabletop humidifiers used to relieve cold and flu symptoms. The dry mucous membranes, cough and scratchy throats associated with viruses are suppressed by increased humidity levels. Most homeowners have used these small devices to help them sleep when they are ill.

A whole house humidifier is installed into the HVAC system. In fact, many modern furnaces are designed for easy modification of a humidifier. Grove offers a number of unique humidifiers, but all designs function similarly. A humidistat monitors the relative humidity circulating within your HVAC system. When the air becomes too dry, moisture vapor is added to the air. Regulating a stable humidity level within your home, whole house humidifiers are surprisingly affordable and operate efficiently in the background of your life. 

Consider Whether a Humidifier Is Right for Your Home

If your house feels uncomfortable, humidifiers help improve indoor air quality. Generally, the ideal humidity level for Silver Spring, Maryland is 30-50%. While this seems like a wide range, a sudden cold front that brings single-digit temperatures radically impacts indoor air. Just like spring storms can cause high humidity levels and even lead to issues like mold and mildew growth, cold air quickly causes dry air issues. If you are curious, small humidistats are available at local hardware stores. You can use these inexpensive devices to self-assess your home.

Some of the most common signs of low humidity are easy to measure without buying gadgets:

  • Increased allergy, asthma and respiratory symptoms
  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Bloody noses and dry nostrils
  • Itchy throats and scratchy coughs
  • Chapped lips
  • Static electricity on clothes and carpets

Installing a humidifier may not eliminate every ailment. Every time you venture outdoors, the dry, windy weather confronts you. Grove Heating and Cooling cannot change the weather but we can transform the dry, uncomfortable air within your home.

When to Contact Grove Heating and Cooling

If you notice persistent health symptoms or you experience issues with wood surfaces, the team at Grove can help. Restoring ideal humidity relieves health symptoms and protects wood flooring, cabinets and furniture from the effects of dry air. Once a humidifier is installed, our work is long-lasting and consistent. If you suspect dry air is impacting your home, then contact Grove.

Grove Heating and Cooling provides free estimates of humidifier installation services. Since every home is unique and every family has special goals, Grove presents custom solutions for you. We carefully listen to your questions and concerns. We advise on the best location and determine the type and model of humidifier best suited for your home. 

Installing a Humidifier in Your Home

Our HVAC technicians are NATE certified so you always get the best craftsmanship and access to state-of-the-art equipment. As a local business, Grove is committed to serving our community with the best solutions. We believe in building lifelong relationships with our customers so we provide clear explanations of the installation process. We understand hiring contractors can be stressful and our goal is for you to feel so comfortable with our team that you will trust all of your home service work to us in the future. 

Complete Home Services from Grove

Grove Heating and Cooling provides a wide range of services. Many homeowners meet our team with a single job like installing a new humidifier but quickly realize the ease and care with which we operate. We offer maintenance, repair and installation of heating, cooling and indoor air quality systems. Contact our team today for more information and begin your introduction to the Grove team.

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