Whole House Humidifiers in Upper Marlboro, MD

Whole House Humidifiers in Upper Marlboro, MD

Grove Heating and Cooling installs humidifiers that treat all the air circulating within your home. Many homeowners understand the benefits of humidifiers for comfort and health. Portable humidifiers are commonly used by bedsides to relieve cold and flu coughs. Larger units improve humidity levels in an entire bedroom or home office. These humidifier devices add moisture via vapor or evaporation and a fan to circulate air. 

These designs are effective but limited. By increasing humidity, air quality is improved, aiding family members who suffer from illnesses, seasonal allergies or other respiratory ailments. Small units are limited in scope and scale, though. These devices occupy floor or counter space, require refilling water supply tanks, and they often use electricity rather inefficiently. The whole home humidifiers installed by Grove treat all the air so every room of your home is comfortable and humidity levels are consistent.

Humidifer Installation

When Do You Need a Humidifier?

The ideal humidity level varies both seasonally and regionally. For Upper Marlboro, Maryland, an ideal relative indoor humidity range is 30-50%. During spring and summer, high humidity levels can lead to issues like mold and mildew growth. Many basements and crawl spaces benefit from dehumidifiers during these months. When temperatures drop in the fall and winter, the humidity levels are also reduced. 

Winter weather is notoriously dry, causing many symptoms and exasperating the discomfort of your family. Just like a furnace protects your family from the harsh cold, a whole house humidifier protects against the ailments. There are a number of common signs of low humidity within your home. If you experience any of these issues, consider contacting our team:

  • Static electricity on carpets, fabric surfaces and clothing
  • Itchy skin
  • Chapped lips
  • Scratchy throat
  • Dry nostrils and sinuses
  • High thermostat settings

You can also test the humidity within your home by using a small device called a humidistat. There are affordable devices you can use to measure and monitor the humidity throughout your home.

What are the benefits of a humidifier?

The greatest advantage of a whole house humidifier is treating all of the air within your home. While small units are very effective in limited areas, a complete system is surprisingly affordable and far more effective. The common ailments like dry skin and aggravated nasal passages are often relieved. Certainly static electricity is a nuisance issue that can be quickly resolved. There are a number of other benefits:

  • Relieve allergy symptoms
  • Protect wood surfaces, flooring and furniture
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lower energy bills 

How to choose a humidifier

More than 50 million Americans experience seasonal allergies and 25 million Americans are diagnosed with asthma. Humidifiers do not simply provide comfort during dry months. When you add a whole house humidifier to your HVAC system, the health of your household improves. Grove offers a number of humidifiers, and as a local company, we are experts in matching the right system to your home. We will answer all your questions and pay specific attention to solving key issues:

  • Relieve health issues
  • Lower energy bills 
  • Protect your property 

With Grove Heating and Cooling, you can trust your humidifier will be matched to the needs of your home, goals of your family and installed with quality craftsmanship. Our technicians are NATE certified, and we are proud to be affiliated with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. When you want to discover the full benefits of humidifiers in Upper Marlboro, contact us to request a free estimate and see how we can help.

Protect Your Humidifier and HVAC system

Grove Heating and Cooling maintenance membership plans simplify the care of all the appliances in your Upper Marlboro, MD home. With a wide range of options, we have a plan to suit every household whether you just need to maintain your humidifier or you need seasonal professional inspections of your heating and cooling systems.

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