Whole House Humidifiers in Severna Park, MD

Whole House Humidifiers in Severna Park, MD

When a home suffers from low humidity, there are many impacts ranging from discomfort, damage to your property and even impacts on your health. At Grove Heating and Cooling, our ultimate goal is caring for the comfort within your home including optimizing indoor air quality. For many homeowners with allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues, dry winter air exacerbates symptoms. Installing a whole house humidifier in Severna Park, Maryland provides a stable humidity level all year round.

Whole House Humidifiers

How Does a Whole House Humidifier Work?

A humidifier installs directly into your HVAC system. Most furnaces and air handlers can be upgraded with very little customization. Once installed, you can set your humidifier to a preferred humidity level. Just like a thermostat, the humidifier monitors the air circulating throughout your system. A small device called a humidistat measures the relative humidity. When the levels fall below your preferred settings, the humidifier is engaged. Adding water vapor to dry air restores humidity levels throughout your home. 

What Are the Benefits of a Humidifier?

Almost everyone has experienced a lingering cough, bloody nose or dry itchy skin during the winter. Tabletop humidifiers are often used to relieve discomfort and aid sleep at night. The health benefits of humidifiers reach beyond the limitations of small units. While a portable humidifier requires refilling the tank and only adds moisture to a small area, the whole house humidifiers installed by Grove reach every corner of your home. 

Health Benefits

Flaky skin, rough hands and dry nostrils are telltale signs of dry winter air. Indoor air can be even drier than brutal outdoor conditions. With over 50 million Americans identifying as allergy sufferers and more than 25 million Americans diagnosed with asthma symptoms, indoor air quality is a paramount concern for many households. Just like furnaces protect your family from the dangers of freezing temperatures, humidifiers guard your household against the risks of dry air. Beyond skin, mucous membranes in your nose, sinuses and throats quickly dry out due to low humidity. Stable humidity relieves symptoms and promotes a healthy environment needed to defend against cold and flu season.  

Energy Benefits

A lesser celebrated benefit of ideal humidity levels is energy savings. Humid air feels more comfortable than dry air. Often homeowners are surprised that thermostat settings can be lowered significantly when a whole house humidifier is installed in Maryland. When you are able to lower thermostat settings without sacrificing comfort, you save on energy usage and lower bills. Many homeowners quickly recoup the expense of a whole house humidifier installation by simply lowering the thermostat to 68 degrees. When the air is dry, many homes are set to 72 degrees or higher.

Property Protection

Static electricity is a common indication of dry air. A buildup of electrons often discharges in shocks across carpet and fabric surfaces. This is fun for kids, but when dry air lingers, your property can suffer. Wood surfaces like expensive furniture, wood flooring, cabinetry, bookshelves and molding are all susceptible to damage from dry air. Like your skin, wood is protected by an ideal relative humidity provided by a whole house humidifier.  

Do You Need a Whole House Humidifier?

Most homeowners who ask this question already know the answer. If you are using a portable humidifier to supplement the humidity within your home or you are suffering from common dry air ailments, then you should call on Grove for a consultation. Our team specializes in comfort and improving indoor air quality throughout Maryland and Severna Park.

You can test the humidity levels yourself using a humidistat. Available at many hardware stores, these affordable devices measure the humidity of the air around the device. You can test multiple spaces and rooms within your home. For Severna Park, the target humidity is 30-50%. Lower levels indicate drier air so our professionals always aim for the higher end of this range. 

The frank reality is Maryland winters are dry, resulting in discomfort and health concerns for many homeowners. Just as your furnace provides a refuge from the cold, humidifiers offer a source of relief from itchy skin, chapped lips, scratchy throats, high thermostat settings and allergy symptoms.

Call Grove for Humidifier Installation

Our technicians are NATE certified, which means we are experts in caring for all your heating and cooling needs. At Grove Heating and Cooling, indoor air quality is a primary focus. As a local business, we understand the priorities and needs of our neighbors and friends. When you hire Grove Heating and Cooling, we take the time to provide insight and carefully answer your questions. We are proud to be affiliated with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. When you contact us to request a free estimate, you can trust our reputation for caring for our community.

The Grove Difference

Our dedication to our customers extends beyond installation. We have a comprehensive list of maintenance membership plans to protect your investment after purchase. Each plan is designed to suit the needs of your Severna Park, MD household. From simple maintenance to comprehensive protection, Grove Heating and Cooling is committed to building a lifelong relationship from the first time you hire our talented team.

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