Monthly Archives: September 2015

HVAC – Fall in Maryland

Grove Heating and Cooling wishes everyone a great Fall season here in Maryland.   Late September and October is often a time when air conditioning and Furnaces aren’t needed very much.  With your AC working well over the Summer and your Heating system is ready to go into full swing in a month or so.  As […]

HVAC Maintenance – Heating & Cooling in Maryland

When it comes to your comfort, your Air Conditioning unit and Furnace are Big Players.  Maryland has a wide range of temperatures and humidity and we are ready to bring you comfort in all of them.  Annapolis MD Heating and Cooling needs can be a little cooler than downtown Baltimore and a cool breeze from […]

Air Conditioning Emergency Service in MD

(410) 721-5595 With Maryland’s heat and humidity it’s important to have a Dependable, Quality AC system to keep you comfortable.  When A/C equipment gets older and less efficient it tends to have more issues and ‘the end is near.’  Sometimes it is running longer than usual, sometimes it is a thumping or whining sound.  So […]

AC in Maryland

As Fall is just around the corner Maryland’s heat is holding on and that means more Air Conditioning systems are asked to run later into the year.  Mitsubishi mini-splits have been installed in older homes and are also a good choice for additions.  A mini-split HVAC system works really well by controlling the comfort level […]