Monthly Archives: November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, Grove Heating & Cooling

As a Family owned and operated Heating and Cooling company in Maryland we enjoy Thanksgiving and what it stands for…  Giving thanks is a constant, and goes along with our Family Values which have been an integral part of growing our company and building a reputation for higher Quality & Value.  Everyone deserves to receive […]

Emergency Furnace Service

When the temperatures are cold and the Heating system stops working we’re here to help 24 hours a day.  We would like to provide preventative maintenance so that you don’t get in an emergency situation but if your Maryland home, business or commercial building has gotten into an emergency HVAC condition give us a call: […]

Maryland Furnaces in the Fall

Heating systems in Maryland are seeing a lot leaves this Fall.  If your HVAC heating unit includes an outdoor unit you should check it for leaves.  While most outdoor units are used for the AC it is still a good idea to clear them off.  HVAC systems manage temperatures, sometimes referred to as “heat exchange” […]

Furnace Tune Up

As Maryland’s temperatures change into the Fall and Winter your furnace will perform more efficiently with a Quality Tune Up.  Furnaces do age and many can be tuned up to last longer and reduce your utility bills at the same time.  Our decades of experience has produced processes which allow Grove Heating and Cooling to […]