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HVAC Company in MD, Choosing the Right One

When choosing the right Heating and Cooling service company in Maryland you want to consider Trust and Experience we covered these last week. This week we cover the importance of a HVAC company’s Size, Support and Value. These should help you to make an informed decision on the best fit for your Heating & Cooling […]

Choosing the Right HVAC Company in Maryland

When choosing a Heating and Cooling company in Maryland there are many things to consider; Trust, Experience, Size, Support, Value.  A rare few will choose purely on cost, save a few dollars on the install but pay several times more in higher utility bills, have problems with their HVAC on a regular basis and their […]

HVAC in Central Maryland – Heat and Humidity

We wrote last week about the unusually mild start to August and wondering how long it would last as a Heating and Cooling company in Maryland.  Well we got our answer this week as the heat and humidity is back with thunderstorms and rains throughout the day.  As this occurs we get into friendly conversations […]

Heating and Cooling in Maryland

Maryland is experiencing a cool spell for early August and that can give your Air Conditioning and Heating system a break.  Early August temperature average highs at 85 degrees and lows of 68 degrees in central Maryland.  However we have been experiencing temperatures about 8 degrees lower and humidity has been low as well.  This […]

A/C in Maryland as We Age

When we gain years of experience and age, it becomes harder to regulate body temperature, this can mean that during the summer months some people don’t even realize they’re getting too hot. On top of that, as we age we loose circulation. This means we may feel cold even though it’s sweltering hot outside. Medications […]